Why Flowers are the Best Way to Get Out of the Dog House

Why Flowers are the Best Way to Get Out of the Dog House

Heather Gautschi

Heather GautschiSep 04, 20182 min read

Did you forget an anniversary? A birthday? Say the wrong thing? Or maybe you’ve just had a minor squabble, but you know that it’s up to you to make it right? Hey, we’ve all been there. Before you go breaking the bank with a grand make-up gift for your beloved, go back to the basics instead: flowers. We've compiled the top 4 reasons why flowers can go a long way when making amends while keeping you on a budget.

Flowers on Table

The Price

Compared with a fancy hotel, a five-star restaurant, glamorous jewelry, or a romantic getaway - flowers are a reasonably priced gift. You can opt for a florist, or even better, head to your local farmer's market for a bounty of gorgeous, locally grown flowers. This option can help you save a bundle and help support local businesses to boot. Now that's a win!

Thoughtful Giving Bouquets

It's More Thoughtful

There’s a reason why giving flowers is a timeless tradition. It may be a simple act, but it goes a long, long way. It shows that the recipient holds a very special place in your heart. And, when they are hand selected by you, it also demonstrates that you know the specific tastes of your sweetheart, down to the intricate, intimate detail. Make it personal, and you’re on your way to getting out of that dog house.

Floral Traditions

Make it a Tradition

Take what you thought was a one-time act of seeking forgiveness and turn it into something that you do whenever it strikes your fancy. Instead of Valentines Day, it could be a gift for “I Was Just Thinking of You and it Made Me Smile” day. Opt for this, and that dog house won’t stand a chance!

Floral Living Room

Flowers can Brighten Up Any Space

A beautiful floral arrangement will instantly elevate the look of any home or office. Who doesn’t want to start a work day with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers at their desk? That long stretch of hours poring over spreadsheets will be easy breezy with those flowers there to remind them how loved they are. Likewise, an elegant vase of flowers on the kitchen table can make even macaroni and cheese romantic. Just try it!

The bottom line is, taking the time to be truly thoughtful in making it up to your partner - for whatever reason - will go much further than blowing a bunch of money. A big statement doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, break the bank. Be thoughtful, be sincere, and be humble. And make sure you know what kind of flowers are their favorite. Now get out of that doghouse, already!