Why Does Swarovski Make People Swoon?

Why Does Swarovski Make People Swoon?

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerMay 25, 20173 min read

What is it about Swarovski? Everywhere I’ve been, for as many years as I can remember, people have touted the brand as particularly exceptional. Founded in 1895, the company has adorned everything under the sun, in unexpected ways, and has cut no corners while doing it. (It also helps that Swarovski is from Austria, which does luxury better than almost anyone.)

And Swarovski never gets stale. When I shopped around, I was impressed by the sheer variety of sparkly selections: cuffs, bangles, dangly earrings, studs, watches, and more. It’s breathtaking, and yet another reason why Swarovski earned the reputation it does. Shall we take a close look at what caught my eye?

Sliding Watches: This is possibly my favorite find. Part of the “Lovely Crystals” family, this watch has 20 sparkling elements that slide around a rose gold-tone case with a white mother-of-pearl face. My personal favorite is the one in white; the runner-up is a metal watch with an identical face (with cool sliding crystal elements as well).


Boho bangles: I do love a good fashion editorial, and Swarovski’s “Summer of Love” feature is a great one to flip through. While Swarovski may seem like it only designs dress-up pieces for the theater, there are other ways to wear the brand, including with denim, leather jackets, boho paisley, and plenty of fringe. Check out Swarovski’s take on sparkle in the sun here.

Creative earrings: Think you’ve seen all the ways crystals can bedeck a pair of earrings? Think again! There’s some inspiring creativity in Swarovski's most recent collection, which included Gipsy Pierced Earring Sets and cool moon-shaped, dangly looks.


Curlicued bangles: There were some wide bangles at Swarovski that caught my eye. They’re developed using a “Rolled Crystal Rock” technique unique to the brand, and (even better!), they can be worn multiple ways. Toss one on your wrist one day and then on your upper arm the next… can we split the price in half because we’re using this as a bracelet and as a cuff?

Saving Money

Saving money at Swarovski isn’t as hard as it sounds. Check out my technique below:

Double-duty pieces: Find bracelets and cuffs that work as both, so you can switch the look up regularly. See “curlicued bangles” above for more specific instructions!

Day-and-night styles: Get earrings and necklaces that can dress up a black dress after a day of playing nice with workwear. A lot of Swarovski’s stud earrings will work with plain dresses, as well as with with a stylish upsweep.

GWP deals: Get a gift with purchase to sweeten any deal. Right now, Swarovski is offering a beautiful bracelet with any watch purchase. That’s the kind of deal that can make you head over to Swarovski a little bit quicker. (Don’t forget that you can give these bonus item as a gift, if they don’t suit your taste.)

Happy Shopping!