Why Does Fitbit Make Summer Exercising Better?

Why Does Fitbit Make Summer Exercising Better?

Pamela Chan

Pamela ChanMay 16, 20174 min read

So you’re thinking about buckling down and getting fab, fit, and phenomenally in better shape this summer season. One of the best ways to do so is to, of course, hop on the Fitbit train, which has, in recent years truly changed the world of fitness.

No longer is the act of exercise purely a mind-to-body experience, but it has actually become a mind-to-fitness-tracker-device-to-body phenomenon. These days, millions having opted towards bettering their activity goals through tracking steps, inputting calories, and relying on handy workout stats to help them in their quest to break a sweat.

So truly personalize the exercise experience by making good use of Fitbit. Lucky for you, it comes in a variety of types and models to cater to any style, budget, or fitness level. If you’re one of the many pondering about which fitness tracker is most suitable for your needs, follow the below guide to put you on the path toward all your summer fitness goals. 

Whether you're male, female, lazy, or active, there's a device that’ll suit you—it’s why Fitbit simply makes summer exercising all the more better. Explore and get moving today!

  1. For the Style Savvy: Fitbit Alta HR

Along with the Fitbit Alta-- which by itself is already super stylish-- there’s the Alta HR that’s not only fashion friendly, but also contains tons of huge new features such as continuous heart rate tracking. The newer device is also a debut for major Fitbit's improvements in sleep monitoring using the accelerometer and heart rate sensor to determine whether someone is in REM, light, or deep sleep mode. Wake up each morning not only refreshed but able to see how long you’ve spent in each stage. There’s even an app offering tips for rest courtesy of Sleep Insights!

Like its predecessor, the Atla HR is equipped also with SmartTracking and has that famous tiny Alta screen displaying incoming calls, SMS notifications, and calendar updates that users have come to know and love.

Essentially, this is Fitbit's most stylish tracker, and though not intended for the most serious of athletes, is definitely suitable for those wanting to easily keep track of their health and fitness needs without any complicated stats.

  1. For the Clip-On Crazy: Fitbit One

Although a bit more retro style-wise, the One is nicely priced (it’s now the same price as the Flex 2) and differs mainly just by coming in a clip-on form factor that’s super handy for bras or pocket-less fitness gurus. Like the Charge, there’s a handy clock available—it offers elevation and sleep tracking as well but with no automatic detections abilities.

The easy clippie tracker does work alongside Fitbit's new Sleep Schedule mode though, providing the ability for users to benefit from various app and steps/distance tracking amenities for a nice price at an all-around inoffensive device. Plus, the battery life on the One is a winner. Think ten days or more!  

  1. For the Penny Pincher - Fitbit Zip or Fitbit Flex

Definitely the most budget friendly options of the line-up, these two are pretty basic next to all the other trackers. So what exactly do you get then?

Well, as with the rest, Zip tracks steps, calories, and distance, as well as reports on daily active minutes. There's no sleep tracking or altimeter to record elevation, however, and the clock on display is super-duper small – though the tracker is able to wirelessly sync to phones and comes in some funky designs and colors. It also happens to be sweat, rain, and splash proof, has a whopping six-month battery life, and compared to fellow competitors like the Misfit Flash or Withings Go, is seriously something on the lower end of the dollar scale to consider trying out.

In terms of Flex, it is, after all this time, still the one and only original Flex that started it all. Though there’s no waterproof design, the model still offers good value for its worth, as it is the oldest wrist-based tracker of the lot and continues providing accurate tracking, handy light notifications, and has about a weeklong battery life.

So, if you're looking to save money and really care only care about tracking, this one’s the one – you might even want to splurge on a Tory Burch accessory to pair along with it!

  1. For Alternative Seekers - Fitbit Blaze

It’s half smartwatch slash half fitness tracker, offering heart rate data and built-in workouts all on your wrist. Plus, it was carefully designed with customization in mind, which means there’s the chance for users to switch screen elements in and out of different style bands. Neat-o.

Gym bunnies will likely fall in love with the automatic exercise detection and biometrics, along with the new update that brings various cardio fitness levels and guided breathing features from the Charge 2 to make the tracker hybrid a more feature-packed option. There is even the chance to make use of Sleep Stages, which tracks how long one spends in light, deep, and REM sleep.


  1. For the Ultimate Fitness Fanatic - Fitbit Surge

This one is for sure the very best for runners, bicyclists, and all super sports lovers alike. It remains the priciest Fitbit on the market, having originally been billed as the company's sports super watch – chock full of features like GPS for running routes, everyday activity tracking, a 5 ATM water resistance rating, and the ability to expertly control music and text notifications, as well as Caller ID.