Where Can I Vacation With my Budget?

Oct 16, 2018Reading Time: 7 min

Traveling is always a favorite, especially during holidays! However, traveling and truly having a wonderful vacation can seem to cost a pretty penny. This is not always the case and you can find great vacations both internationally and domestically. Check out these great vacation location ideas at various price points through a search on that allows you to book cheap flights on a variety of airlines.

feet on hammock

Pricepoint: $500

Domestic: Staycation

Even though many people love to get away for a vacation, taking a staycation can be refreshing as well. Booking a hotel in the area for a weekend can cut down substantially on costs, as you won’t have any travel related fees. Not interested in a traditional hotel? Find vacation rentals in your area to have a low-key getaway. You can look for deals ahead of time for fun things to do or book simple events such as Paintnite, for something easy and enjoyable. You can also buy food from the supermarket for the weekend or even splurge and eat out since you’ll have the perfect budget for it.

International: Canada

Canada is a pretty easy destination to reach, especially for those in the northeast states. Niagara Falls, Ontario is just over the border and has one of the best wonders of the world, Niagara Falls! The area surrounding the falls has been built into a city of attractions, with something for everyone. Clifton Hill, a major street is lined with fun museums, restaurants, retailers, haunted houses, and more is pretty affordable with attractions usually starting around $20 per person! There is also a mall close by and even a sky tower with high-end dining and luxury shopping! Other attractions include Lundy’s Lane and you can even take a ride under the falls! For even more adrenaline pumping activities, try a helicopter ride! Hotels have rooms at various prices, from under 100/night to just over 200/night. So chose whichever works for your length of stay as they are all around the same major areas.

barcelona skyline

Pricepoint: $800

Domestic: New Orleans

Visiting NOLA, doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For example, Le Meridien a four-star hotel in New Orleans is a reasonably priced hotel, just over $100 a night and close to major attractions, such as the French Quarter or shopping at Riverwalk. With a host of museums, and hot food spots to visit, all of the funds shouldn’t have to go towards the hotel! There’s simply too much too do here. Check for a CityPass to see all of it!

International: Spain

Barcelona is a great vacation spot that can cost around $500 if you choose to stay at an average hotel. This leaves spending money to explore the city and in case of a small emergency. Take in architecture including the great Sagrada Familia church, and in Montjuic Hill which focuses on Catalan Arts. La Rambla in Barcelona is a shopping center with many different artisans and other types of retail goods. The gothic quarter is also very appealing as an attraction as well, due to its amazing décor and architecture. Explore Barcelona, and ask around to discover hidden gems of the city!

skateboarding in miami

Pricepoint: $1000

Domestic: Miami

Enjoy Miami at the prestigious high-end Fountainbleau which is around $289 per night at this time, or choose another counterpart, the Mondrian South Beach that comes in at $104 per night but also averages 4.5 stars. Within Miami, you can find a number of things to do including an awesome nightlife scene at South Beach. This neighborhood is home to one of the most beautiful stretches of beaches as well as an Art Deco décor. Ocean Ave houses the ever-popular Wet Willlies and other four and five star restaurants. The little Havana neighborhood and its main street Calle Ocho are renowned places to visit and experience authentic Cuban culture and cuisine. If you are a wildlife lover, the Everglades national park might be up your alley as well.

International: Cancun

You can stay at a 5-star hotel for around $200 a night here. Sacrificing luxury could bring you down to the very value price of under $100. Whichever hotel you choose, just make sure to check for tourist safety. The attractions in Cancun are amazing with an underwater museum, and an ecological park by the name of Xcaret, which does feature attractions. If you continue to venture, you will find more historical ruins to explore as well as local shopping. Those looking for adventure can even take part in zip lining and jet skiing, but make sure to go through a well-known company!

Los angeles skyline

Pricepoint: $1,250

Domestic: Los Angeles

A favorite vacation city is Los Angeles. Beautiful beaches, busy city living, adrenaline rush activities and more make this an exciting place to go with a family. Depending on what you’re looking for, hotels can range in price. Beachfront hotels can run a little higher, making a 4-day vacation around $800 to $900 or more, during high volume months while a hotel near Koreatown can run you around $500 for the same time. Either way, with these prices you have some extra money to spend. The Santa Monica pier has some interesting attractions, and plenty of restaurants, with many various food choices lining its beach and other nearby beaches. This pier has ample room for swimming, surfing, and much more. There are also rides (directly on the pier), bikini contests, as well as workout spaces. Los Angeles also has a host of healthy eateries for those who enjoy that lifestyle, and one-day classes at renowned and Youtube featured dance studios for those who love to dance. While there, check out Roscoe’s Chicken and waffles as they have rave reviews and very affordable prices. For runners, the Runyon Canyon boasts beautiful scenery and a great workout, and a chance to grab stellar pics of or with the Hollywood sign. Additionally, check out Universal Studios and the Hollywood walk for more great fun! There are even more things to do, in various neighborhoods, especially if you’re into fashion, art, sports and more!

International: Dominican Republic

For a truly luxurious vacation, stay near the Coconut Coast, where lavish lifestyle begins. The Bavaro area features resorts that have gorgeous amenities and plenty of relaxation areas for just lounging and enjoying your stay. For those who want to create fun memories, there are onsite entertainment options, including shows and in some cases even onsite clubs. Outside attractions can also be accessed from the hotel, where you can take a shuttle to horseback riding, to visit local places and other adventure options. For the water lovers, there are even options for catamaran rides and sea animal adventures! Depending on if you look for an all-inclusive package or simply pay for the stay, will make all the difference in the final price as well. Traveling doesn’t have to stop just because your budget is low, there is always a way to visit and enjoy places, as long as you research and plan your itinerary. This will help you to make the most efficient use of your money!