What You Need When You Get A New Pet

What You Need When You Get A New Pet

Lauren Diethelm

Lauren DiethelmDec 14, 20172 min read

It’s a scene in all the best Christmas movies: the biggest box under the tree, sneakily tucked in the back, and when you go to open it, it barks, and out jumps a new puppy, licking your face and wagging its tale. Whether you’re gifted a puppy or you rescue a dog this holiday season, you’ll need to know the basics for a new pet in your home, and Petco is here to help with that.


Collars, Leashes, ID Tags

The first thing you’ll need is an ID tag and a collar--now that the pup has its new home with you. Make sure you put your name and phone number on the ID tag in case it gets lost. Petco has a bunch of different options for ID tags, and tons of cute choice for matching leash and collar sets, so you can pick the one that matches you and your pup’s style.


Bowls and Feeding Supplies

Whether you got a dog or a cat, you’ll need somewhere to feed them. Petco has it all, from basic ceramic to self-dispensing food and water bowls that are perfect for those days you must work late and can’t make it back for dinner time. Plus, their collapsible and take out bowls are perfect for feeding your furry friend on the go, whether you’re traveling or just on a long hike.


Beds and Bedding

No matter where you got your new pet, you want them to feel at home with you. Getting a comfy bed or throw blanket that’s just for them is the perfect way to make them feel comfy and welcome. Petco has it all, from heated beds to simple cushions to cute doggie blankets, so you can create your bed their own little fluffy corner.



Of course, whether you have a new puppy or a playful cat, toys for playtime are an important part of any pet’s life, new or old. Petco has a huge variety of toys for every kind of pet, from soft plushies to rope toys to chew toys that are good for their teeth. Keep your pet happy and healthy by making sure they have plenty of toys to engage their young minds.

When you add another member to your family shopping at Petco for all your pet needs is the way to go in order to be prepared. Pamper your pooch and create a home with Petco.