What To Wear On Your Sunny Winter Getaway!

What To Wear On Your Sunny Winter Getaway!

Katherine Stano

Katherine StanoDec 11, 20173 min read

Who says winter is for sweaters, scarves, and snow boots? If a white Christmas is not on this year’s holiday wish list, maybe you’re way overdue for a sunny escape. While you’re gifting yourself with a warm weather wonderland, throw in a few pairs of new sandals from FitFlops.

FitFlops is a decade-old company thriving on modern styles matched with major comfort. They incorporate footbed technology into contemporary designs so that your reputation as a fashion maven will never be compromised. Whether you want to go casual chic or all-out glamorous, your fancy footsies will feel fantabulous. FitFlops leads in innovation and empowering people to shine from peep-toe pretties to poolside prance-abouts.

Right now, FitFlops is making us flip out with their 50% off sale on select sandals and shoes. New to FitFlop? Get 20% off your first purchase using this FitFlop coupon code now!

Casual + Cute

So you’ve finally drawn a line in the sand and said no to cold weather. Good for you, sun goddess! Now, you can’t soak in the sunshine without flip flops, now can you? Of course, your lovely little toes are begging for some comfy cuteness. How about the IQUSHION™ Super-Ergonomic Flip Flops? These lightweight beauties are engineered with soft micro-bubble foam that cushions your feet with love. They come in the most adorable colors and patterns, too. Like this Aqua:


Or this Aqua-Mix Tiger Print (hear you, roar). And this feisty Chilli Pepper Mix Leopard Print:


Many of the colors are on sale right now. Get them and get out of dodge, you!

Beachy + Beautiful

So now that you’ve arrived at your divine destination, you must head out to the water’s edge and enjoy nature—the balmy kind! For an early morning walk or serene sunset stroll, you’ll need a pair of kicks that holds up for miles.

Since your old crappy beach shoes have probably become your arch nemesis, get the ÜBERKNIT™ Slip-On Ballet Flats. Made with ergonomic, ultra-comfortable Anatomicush™ midsole technology, these cushy slip-ons will keep you light on your feet.


If you want to look all dolled up, but feel like you’re lounging at home in your slippers, the IQUSHION™ Super-Ergonomic Flip Flops are for you. Classy and classic, they will be your new go-to shoes.

Glitzy + Graceful

Every fun getaway needs a fabulous night out. But a relaxing vacay doesn’t have to be rough on your feet, no matter how glam you go. Skip the steep heels and land on the SLINKY ROKKIT™ Criss-Cross Slide Sandals. Created with Microwobbleboard™ midsoles, these shimmery wedges work with shorts or a sundress.

Of course, when it comes to looking your best, you need options. Lined with sassy metal studs, the LULU™ POPSTUD Slide Sandals are fierce and ever versatile. Seriously wear them with anything.


And look at these SWOOP™ SLIDE SANDALS in Rose Gold Mirror. Like jewelry for your feet, they come in 3 different metallic colors, so you can be blinged out from head to toe.


Handsome + Hurt-Free

Gentlemen, we haven’t forgotten about you. Here are a few pairs we’ve picked out with you in mind.

The GOGH™ MOC ADJUSTABLE POOL SLIDE SANDALS are attractive, sporty, and even have padded antibacterial uppers. Because clean feet always make you extra charming.


For everyday wear, the SURFER™ FLIP FLOPS are a timeless, masculine option for any outdoor adventure. Available in various colors, you’re all set, surfer dude.


FitFlops works hard to get comfort right, so you can truly savor what’s important: your life! Because shoes should never give you the blues (or total regret!). Have a blast this season, stay warm, and never accept anything less than what’s simply right for you.