What to Look for In Web Hosting Services to Get the Best Bang For Your Buck

Mar 12, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

Finally going to start that blog you have put off for years? Venturing out and creating your own at-home business? Want to create a place where people can browse and view your creative work as a freelancer? This is the year of the Entrepreneur and what a great time to finally make moves for yourself in today’s world. Aside from the passion and idea, you are going to need to start a killer website. And even before you start your vision board and brand yourself on social media with the best filters you need to decide one extremely important thing. What web hosting service are you going to use?

With plenty of options to choose from it is easy to get overwhelmed with the different platforms and services companies can provide so finding the right one to fit your needs is important. Best to do your research and make the right choice now. If you are in the market for a web hosting site to help kick-start your 2018 goals, you need to know what to look for. That is where this guide will come in handy.

Especially for entrepreneurs getting the right products and service from your hosting site is of the utmost importance. Not just for you but for anyone coming on board to help your vision come to life. The right VPS or Virtual Private Server can make or break your venture so start there.

Here is what you should look for in web hosting and VPS products.


Decide what you need and what your budget it and look at the options providers offer. Limited on funds for getting the top hosting package? This may not be the place to skimp but you can shop around and find offers for top-shelf services. You don’t need to get a super basic and barely there hosting package to save money.

With different package pricing available depending on your needs and offers like 50% off for 3 months, starting at $29.50 for the 2GB plan, you can get quality hosting services from Liquid Web and still save money.



Look for hosts that offer a range that allows you to grow with your business. At first, you may only need 2 GB RAM but as you scale, you are going to need a VPS Package that scales with you and the flexibility to do so.

Depending on your needs and your business the ability to scale is paramount. Some providers have limits on the flexibility of the program you choose and even slow down your progress when the server cannot keep up with the workload.  Liquid Web offers a variety of packages that start at 2GB RAM up to 8 GB Ram and 8vCPU (Virtual central processing unit) which means the ability to multi-task and take on larger workloads are available for better performance under pressure.

Scaling also means scaling your budget so as you start outlook at packaging prices to see what fits and as you grow and have more to invest you can increase your package. You can even make add-ons to your existing Cloud VPS package like firewalls and integrated back up to ensure business security and safety.


As a budding entrepreneur time is money and your time is better spent networking and thinking creatively about how to better your business than waiting for your operating system to catch up. Something to consider when finding a cloud VPS is your VM or Virtual Machine performance and speed. You might be toggling between your CMS (content management system) when you create content on your website and an operating system like Parallels and all that work can slow you and your computer performance down.

Look for Cloud VPS products that can keep up with your workload and won’t slow you down. When using a virtual system this can become an issue so finding something that performs well is imperative if you value your time.


You can always find cheap, run of the mill web hosting with the basics but when you are trying to grow a budding business or get the ball rolling on your blog to become a major influencer you might need a bit more than basic.

Check web hosting services to see if they provide or even offer online live assistance. When things come crashing or you run into confusion and issues with your platform or services you don’t want to be a sitting duck in the virtual world. Having a live human to connect with and help you get your site back up and running or troubleshoot issues is a huge benefit.

Web hosting providers that offer support lines and ways to connect and submit tickets is a must when starting this venture and shouldn’t be forgotten or foregone. Teams like The Most Helpful Humans In Hosting are comprised of OS and networking engineers and available to you through Liquid Web to help in your times of need. You should never underestimate the benefit of an actual human and not an automated service assisting you with your site frustrations.

Use this guide to find the right package at the right price that offers everything you need to live that #entrepreneur life you have always wanted. Finally ready to take the plunge and start? Here is a pro tip. Services offer new customer deals and discounts when you sign up so check out the latest offers like 35% off for 3 months on any plan so you can get started with quality products on a budget with the latest Liquid Web promo code.