What You Should Know About Starting a 401K

May 29, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

If saving for retirement confuses you, stresses you out, and makes you question your existential purpose, you’re in good company. Any kind of saving is hard, but stockpiling money for a time in your life when:

  • you probably won’t be working (if dreams actually do come true)…
  • Social Security will be devoured by the Boomers…
  • you can’t predict your health situation…
  • suddenly all your moocher relatives hit you up for cash…
  • the economy is always at risk for taking a downturn…

kind of seems almost impossible. How do you determine how much to contribute, what funds to invest in, and which financial advisor to trust? We hear ya. And we want to help. Non-mathematicians unite!

guy with handful of money

blooom is a 401k management firm ahead of the curve when it comes to smart and sensible saving. Founded by three friends (Randy AufDerHeide, Kevin Conard, and Chris Costello) with backgrounds in financial investing (for fancy people) and technology (for people who think they’re fancy), this endeavor was designed to be sophisticated because of its simplicity. These entrepreneurs wanted 401k investing to be affordable and simply understandable for everyone, so they created a modern app for our modern lives. Their goal is to help hard-working people save more efficiently without breaking the bank on life’s present expenses.

So your interest on 401k interest is piqued…is it not? blooom will do a free—yes, FREE!—analysis of your current nest egg, eliminating some of the complicated fluff that makes us dread the whole investing thing in the first place. They can also give advice on things like hidden fees, rebalancing your funds, and possibly even fashion (but don’t quote us on that). Here are some facts and stats from their site to get you better acquainted:

pulling money from wallet

If blooom sounds like your new best buds, read on, investor! Read on! They’ve simplified your decision-making process with 5 easy questions for you to ponder. Check them out here

Still not sure what a 401k is...exactly? It can perplex even the savviest savers among us! That’s why the blooom experts, Randy, Kevin, and Chris, can do all the math-y thinking while you do all the fun retirement-planning. Because when you feel financially secure, you can feel good dreaming of a happy, peace-filled future.

So, you’re lovin’ the blooom, you can’t get enough of Randy, Kevin, and Chris, and suddenly you feel like your life won’t end in financial ruin…see how the more you know, the more you grow? This works for retirement accounts, too!

So, you’re probably asking, “What’s this gonna cost me?” blooom is a truly economical service. For simple 401k monitoring and management, it’s only $10 month. Yes! That’s like 33 cents a day, if our math is correct. And it may not be. So, seriously, you may want to call Randy, Kevin, and Chris STAT. If you are sold, sign up with this exclusive blooom promo code and get one month FREE! Here’s more info on what they provide with the monthly fee after your free month.

It’s never too early (or late) to save. Seriously! Ignore the naysayers or nay-savers! Consider a company like blooom, even starting off with their free analysis. Then, sit back, relax, and let all your hard work pay off.

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