What Is Worth The Splurge? Here Are The Items You Should Spend Your Money On

Mar 06, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

When it comes to shopping, it’s good to budget and watch how much money you are spending. For some items that’s great, but for other items, it’s probably the best idea to spend more money in order to get the best quality. Here are the items that are worth the splurge if you’re looking to update your clothing collection.



Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a challenge. Select the right one and you’ve got the one of the ultimate go-to fashion staple that works with a lot of outfits. However, when it comes to jeans, the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best. When it comes to shopping for jeans, the main factors to focus on are the right size, style and fit for your and your body shape.



If you’re a woman then you’ll know that wearing the right bra is important. However, many women are not wearing the right bra. It’s important to purchase bras in the right size and of the highest quality so that they fit well and last long.



If you work in a formal and corporate environment, your attire has to look professional and orderly at all times. To look the part, invest in a suit and workwear items, such as a white shirt/blouse, a pair of black trousers and a pair of black shoes. A suit is the perfect attire to make yourself look polished and in the long-term it’s an investment because the cost-per-wear goes down every time you wear it.


girl in coat

Winter coat

For those living in chillier climates, you can’t step out of the home without a thick winter coat to keep you warm. During the winter season you’ll need to wear a coat more often compared to any other time of the year, so splurging out in a high-quality winter coat is a good purchase to make.

Oakley sunglasses

Quality sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great accessory for a lot of outfits and many brands and retailers sell sunglasses to suit all budgets and preferences. Oakley has a huge selection and offers great discounts and deals like free 2-day shipping and sales on clearance items. While you may think that spending a few dollars on a pair of sunglasses is keeping things cheap and cheerful, investing in a pair of quality sunglasses - not necessarily from a designer brand - is much better for you because in the long run, they will protect your eyes and last longer. Oakley sell different types of glasses - such as cat-eye, aviator and oversized - which offer protection for your eyes, as well as style.


Messenger bag

Bags, bags, bags - some of us can’t get enough! If you love bags and you’re looking to add to your current collection, then perhaps get yourself a messenger bag. A messenger bag is long-lasting and good for work or study.



Wearing foundation is part of creating your own makeup look, but when it comes to purchasing foundation for your face, it’s not about the cost or the brand. Using the right foundation is about selecting the one that is suitable for your skin tone and provides a flawless and smooth coverage, so bear that in mind the next time you go out to your local beauty store.


Bath bombs

We all like to treat ourselves from time to time, right? Bathe in luxury with bath bombs, relax and unwind after a long and challenging day.