What is the Best Fitness Tracker?

What is the Best Fitness Tracker?

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJul 03, 20143 min read

Last summer in D.C. I partially rewound back (and suffered) to the nomadic lifestyle of our ancestors by walking in 80° humidity to and from the metro station daily – which totaled three miles roundtrip. As a result, I lost eight pounds only to gain them back in car-spoiled city of LA. We rarely walk or use the stairs despite knowing the health benefits of it. If you have the time and money, consider taking advantage of 24 Hour Fitness promotions such as getting a free pass. But for those with tight budget and schedule, include some walking into your routine and stay motivated by purchasing the best fitness tracker from some of the most affordable options.

Best Fitness Tracker

Bowflex Boost

The key to staying fit is being active – whether you are running, walking or lifting weights, track all those movements with Bowflex Boost. Its pre-programmed daily goals make it easy to record all the distance and calories you’ve covered every day. Connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android to look over your activity data on the mobile screen. Moreover, you can also monitor your sleeping hours and set personal goals. Its 11-hour battery life avoids the hassle of charging it on a consistent basis. Starting as low as $49.95, whatever your age or gender is make sure you bump up your activity level. Also, for those who are looking forward to buying workout gear, use the $25 to $100 off coupon.


We hear inspiring stories from athletes on TV and articles online, but as soon as we go out and see the closest burger stand, our motivation gets replaced with fries. Nike believes that you should wear that athlete ambition around your wrist at all times so you can beat the fries cravings and walk or run away from the fast-food chain. The NikeFuel measures your physical activity, sleeping periods and displays your progress over time. Its water-resistance helps you be prepared for any spillage accidents. Connect to your phone and obtain feedback as well as evaluate the activities that helps you burn calories the most. Starting at $99, enjoy the free shipping coupon.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bracelet

Remember how your mom used to nag you to take out the trash or clean the room? The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bracelet is like your secondary mom – it knows that you already have the skills to be active, but needs to be reminded out of the procrastination. This colorful band learns your present activity level and aims at setting an attainable goal each day. If you’re prone for Netflix coma or online memes, Vivofit will remind you to wake up and leave the couch. Put it in sleep mode when you go to bed so it can track down your rest period and do not worry about water contact, it’s resistant against shower or rain. Starting from $129.99, you can purchase it at SkyMall.

Jawbone UP Bracelet

One of the most personal wrist-version trainers out there is the Jawbone UP Bracelet. Like any other tracking device, it can intelligently record light vs. deep sleep moments as well as keep a journal of the time and intensity of your actions. What makes this product stand out from others and be one of the most popular ones? The food/drink scanner. Scan and log all the food and drink you consume with its advanced barcode scanner, so you can review your daily nutritional intake. This is perfect for those active individuals who have a bad snacking habit or penchant for sugary drinks. Do not just change your walking habits, but eating habits as well. Find the UP Bracelet for $129.99 in SkyMall.

Automatic stairwell, elevators and driving give us the impression that they serve for our convenience. It may be true for our sluggishness, but not for our shape. Make those footsteps count and stay driven with these gadgets to stay as active as possible this summer.