What Attracts Women to Purchase Fashion Footwear Online?

What Attracts Women to Purchase Fashion Footwear Online?

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamMar 18, 20143 min read

Too many websites and too many shoes too choose from! So what attracts women to purchase fashion footwear on some of the most popular online websites such as Sole Society and Zappos?

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Andrea Wasserman, the CEO of Sole Society a website that sells women's fashion footwear. I also spoke with Natasha Pace, the Trend Manager for Zappos.

I asked Andrea what she thought the reasons that attract women to buy fashion footwear on the Sole Society's website. "She indicated that her customers look for good value, shoe quality and comfort as well as the many varieties of shoe styles that they offer; so women can have options depending on the type of work they do or events they go to."

She says:

“Women searching for the perfect shoe for that special occasion want shoes to fit properly and would prefer not to have to send the items back because they were not comfortable. Andrea also noted that the shoe construction and materials that make up the shoe were important to her customer base. Women want to look professional and stylish; they want to be able to wear the same shoe to work as well as to an event that evening.”

Natasha noted that "women buy from their website, Zappos.com because of the ability to select from a wide variety of brands, shoe styles and colors from snow boots to fashion footwear. "

In my practice many of my female patients are professionals and must dress the part. Many of them buy their shoes online because of the many styles available, price, comfort, convenience and shipping/return policies. Shoes are an important part of the uniform, so style and comfort is a priority!

Women's fashion footwear can create foot problems when wearing them for long hours and standing on hard floor surfaces. Most of the complaints I hear about from my patients are that the balls of their feet burn or hurt after a long day in a pump. They also complain about arch cramps or tired feet after standing all day. The reasons the ball of the foot may become painful or burn is because of the pitch of the footwear is too steep throwing the ball of the foot forward and directly on the ground. Most fashion footwear does not have adequate padding present in the innersole of the shoe and the ball of the foot becomes exposed to the thin leather outer-sole and a hard floor surface. Grinding the ball of your foot into the floor of the shoe causes the burning pain.

Arch cramps are another byproduct of pumps because of the pitch. The muscles in the foot have to adapt to different shoe angles and can spasm or cramp because of the angle of how the foot fits in the shoe.

Traveling is also tough on your feet because of standing in long lines and then hitting the floor running once you have reached your destination. That is why you should make sure you are wearing the right footwear.

There are some simple solutions to help mitigate these foot problems women experience when wearing fashion footwear. Full length soft insoles can be placed in the shoes to reduce the burning pain and friction caused by the foot sliding in the shoe. Arch support products from companies such as Superfeet, Instant Arches and Spenco manufacturer arch support products that can fit into pumps and provide women instant arch support. However, some of the products can be bulky and take up to much room in the shoe which can make shoes uncomfortable.

Quality, deals, variety, price, convenience, style, comfort, how the shoes fit and customer service are some of the many reasons why women choose to buy shoes through the online websites such as Solesociety.com and Zappos.com. Make sure to add our coupon codes at check-out pages.

"So let your fingers do the walking and walk happily ever after!”