What $1 USD Gets You in 15 Different Countries

Aug 07, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

We work hard for every dollar that we earn. Sometimes one dollar feels like so little money as prices increase on everything from rent to food. Instead of thinking about how many more dollars we wish we had, why not celebrate National Dollar Day on August 8th by considering the value of one U.S. dollar throughout the world. The cost of living varies greatly from country to country which means one U.S. dollar will has different purchasing power around the world. You will see how value can be a very subjective thing as we explore what $1 USD can get you in 15 different countries.

ice cream

1. Croatia

In Croatia, you can buy a scoop of ice cream for $1. Yes, that’s right! A delicious scoop of sweet, cold, and creamy ice cream can be yours for the equivalent of $1.

bottle of wine

2. Australia

In Australia, a bottle of wine and a sausage roll can be yours for only $1 each.

ramen soup

3. Thailand

In Thailand, you could be chomping down on a bowl of street noodles for $1. Why not travel to Thailand on a budget and enjoy how far your dollar can get you there?

loaf of bread

4. Iraq

In Iraq, you may purchase a loaf of freshly baked bread for $1.


5. Pakistan

In Pakistan, a dozen eggs are only a $1. You could make so many meals with a dozen eggs.


6. Japan

In Japan, you can make your feet cozy in some slippers for $1.


7. Italy

In Italy, a decent espresso in a local café will run you $1.


8. Canada

Traveling to Canada can be a bit costlier, but you can purchase a head of lettuce for $1.


9. Finland

This is a wealthy country where just taking a trip to the public restroom will cost you a $1.

bowl of pho

10. Vietnam

In the U.S. a good bowl of Vietnamese pho will generally run you $8-$15. Why not travel to Vietnam where an authentic bowl of local pho can be enjoyed for $1.

ramen noodles

11. Norway

In Norway, like many countries, an affordable food option is a package of instant ramen. Yes, you can get some for $1 here too.

canned tuna

12. Egypt

In Egypt pick up a can of tuna for only $1. This versatile fish can be put in salads and sandwiches for a quick bite on the go.


13. Nigeria

In Nigeria, you can take a taxi for up to one kilometer for $1 and then also pick up a bag of chips for $1.

spray cheese

14. Philippines

Want a proper Philly Cheesesteak? Well, in the Philippines you can buy two cans of the legit topping Cheez Whiz for only $1.


15. France

One cannot travel to France without trying a baguette. And guess what? You can get one for $1!

Keep in mind that not only do prices fluctuate but so do exchange rates. If you plan to travel to any of these counties, watch the exchange rates, research their history, and try to exchange your U.S. dollars at a time when your money is strong. The better exchange rate you get, the further your dollar will get you in other countries. If you travel to other countries where the average living wage is less than in the U.S., know that every dollar you spend is helping an economy in need.