We Bet You Need A Vacay: Visit Vegas For Less

We Bet You Need A Vacay: Visit Vegas For Less

Katherine Stano

Katherine StanoMar 08, 20184 min read

If your heart is in Vegas, maybe it’s time to tap into your travel savings account and plan a little getaway. While any trip can be costly, there are ways to keep spending low, but go all-out on the fun. We know your inner high-roller longs for luxury suites and glitzy nights on the town, but you can be fancy frugally.

Here are some ideas for making Sin City more of a sensible city for your budget.

Corral the Crew

Know some jet-setting types? If you can get your favorite traveling buddies together, then you can share hotel and transportation expenses. Remember, the goal is to make the jaunting a lot less daunting! Search for a hotel room where it’s possible for you all to get along under one roof for a weekend. A good start is finding a place to stay within walking distance of food and entertainment. That’ll save you on car rentals and ridesharing.

However, if you can’t avoid the car situation, why not try Lyft? Right now, they have a $10 off promo code. Just use 10TIMES. Plus, if you round up your fare, Lyft gives back to your charity of choice. They also support worthy causes by giving free rides to important events like March For Our Lives. This is a win-win.

Fly on the Cheap

Once you do your Vegas homework, you’ll see that there are lots of decent rates for flights to this vibrant vacation destination. CheapTickets.com finds you the best deals, and they have trip packages that won’t cost you a pretty penny. Check out their site for last-minute bookings and take advantage of their current promo code VEGASVACAY25.


Relax Like Royalty

It’s not a secret that Las Vegas has some of the most opulent hotels around. Grandiose architecture paired with extravagant amenities makes for shelling out the big bucks. Or does it? Let Hotels.com assist you in finding the ritziest place to stay for a reasonable price. With our Promocodes.com code, you can receive up to 40% off plus an extra 10% off when you book by 3/11 and travel by 4/15. Use TAKE10MAR18

Get your swankiness on!

Gamble on Having Fun

If you’re wanting to roll the dice on a bit of gambling, predetermine how much you’re willing to spend. And stick with it! Seriously, if you remember anything from this post, remember that you don’t want to return home poor. Las Vegas is sexy. Purposely becoming a pauper is not.

A good rule of thumb is to allocate an amount that wouldn’t make you completely sick if you dropped it into the never-to-be-seen-again abyss of a sidewalk grate. For some people, this is about $2. For others, it’s a little more. We recommend a very modest amount. And hello, you still have to eat, shop, and see shows!

Since we’re not only money mavens, but also mind readers, we know you’re wondering what you should do if you win some cash. We know what you WANT to do. But is that the wisest choice? Why not be a complete nerd and toss it in your savings when you get back home? Or pay off a credit card balance? Have all the money in the world and can’t think of one thing to spend it on? Give it to a charitable cause that lessens the burden in someone else’s life.

People Watch: It’s Free!

There are lots of interesting things to do and see in Las Vegas, but some of the best entertainment is the people-watching. Want to keep a tight grasp on the ol’ purse strings? Grab a novel, a great pair of spy-like sunglasses, and lounge at your hotel’s pool. This will be like watching a movie, compliments of the hotel guest list.

Once you’re done with vacationers-gone-wild, another cheapie adventure is to sightsee with a camera in hand. Take photos of the buildings or your gourmet brunch or the fashionable attire you admire. You’ll have some nice memories as souvenirs, plus some fabulous material for Instagram.

Las Vegas is one unique town, so the strategy is key. Up the ante on the things that count—experiencing another city, doing stuff you love, and enjoying time spent with your peeps.