Ways to Travel in Style on a Budget

Aug 04, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Have you just bagged yourself a bargain and booking a last-minute getaway? If yes is your gleeful reply, you could be about to embark on a journey full of memories. Before the packing chaos ensues, kick-start your trip with some stylish but cost-effective travel outfits that’ll keep you super comfortable when you’re on the go.

Leggings are allowed

You don’t have to love working out to enjoy wearing leggings. Once upon a time leggings were considered a design solely suitable for the gym – now they’re now an absolute closet essential that can be worn in a multitude of ways. For a cozy travel look with an on-trend athleisure vibe, pair your leggings with some fashion-forward sneakers, a long-sleeve T-shirt and top with a leather jacket to pull the look together.  All you need now is for your carry-on luggage to be weight appropriate!

Start the fun with overalls

Comfortable doesn’t have to look boring or sluggish; for a trend-led look that’s set to impress at the airport, why not opt for a pair of overalls? With so many fair priced designs available this season, you can choose from traditional denim to vibrant reds or pattern pastel pinks. You’ll only need a little cotton top to wear underneath and and add a cute lightweight scarf to finish off the look.

Wear a snuggly sweater

There's nothing worse than being caught out in an air con trap, but when you’re on the move and relying on public transport, you can often get caught in an unfortunate cold breeze. Plan ahead and arm yourself with a soft turtleneck. Not only will it keep you cozy but it’ll also help you look semi-smart when you arrive at your destination. Plus, it’s a perennial fashion favorite that you’ll wear for years to come.

Slip-on shoes are essential

No matter your method of transport, having to squeeze hot and swollen feet into a pair of uncomfortable shoes is a total nightmare. Whether you choose a polished pair of slip-on loafers or a lace-less pair of sneakers, you’ll be eternally grateful that your shoe choice is hassle-free, comfortable and easy to pull on and off quickly. Plus, if you are traveling by plane you won’t have to worry about re-lacing during security!

Dress it up

A fitted dress made of jersey or viscose will stay looking polished even when the car has you feeling crumpled. If you’re on a speedy budget city break, wearing this kind of style will save you space in your packed weekend bag and save you money by being so versatile. Great for all climates and occasions, accessorize with some drop earrings and a cute purse, and simply add a pair of heels to go straight from your journey to your first vacation restaurant experience.