Spring For A Lower Water Bill: Ways To Stop The Slow Money Drip

Mar 31, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Bills are boring, but necessary evils. Especially the water bill. Since water is essential to our daily lives, it wouldn’t be a surprise that this most useful utility is making some mogul out there pretty darn rich. But, hey! Don’t give all of your money to the moguls! It’s time to save your bucks on your water bill. Here are a few ideas:

Get Tips From Your Main Water Source

Check your utility company’s website for their tips on limiting your water usage and cutting down that bill. Reminders like not running the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth to making sure none of your sinks have a leaky drip are simple ideas anyone can do. Plus, you get points for being environmentally-friendly!

Hang Out At The Water Cooler

Thirsty for knowledge and H2O? Grab your favorite reusable water bottle and head to the closest free water machine. Many workplaces, campuses, and gyms have complimentary water stations or fountains, so fill up those big gulps! This will save you on water usage at home, and prevent superfluous spending on bottled water. You’ll also be on your way to getting in your eight glasses of water and feeling 100% hydrated.

Go Big On Energy Efficient Appliances

If your home is in desperate need for some upgrades, consider installing modern pieces for your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. Contemporary toilets can save you several dollars a month just by being equipped with a more economical flush system. (Kinda gross, but true!)

If your dishwasher is hit or miss, but mostly miss, maybe you should invest in a dishwasher that works like a charm. This will save you lots of dough because newer machines run better and use a lot less water. Plus, you won’t be running it 3 times, like the old one, trying to get that pesky lasagna crud off your plates. Don’t lie…you know exactly what we’re talking about!

And don’t forget your laundry machines! If you’re an obsessive laundry doer, a washing machine that’s in tip-top shape will help keep your money flow intact.

Do The Little Things

If your dainty dishes require handwashing, give ‘em a little soak in soapy suds before you do your scrubbing magic. This way, the grime will be loosened and you won’t be adding more water and rinsing than necessary.

Maybe you’d like to upgrade your sink hardware to something gorgeous and gleaming? New faucets make everything run smoother. Cuteness has never been so cost savvy!

Or should you take the plunge and purchase a fancy tankless water heater? They use less real estate space and less energy. Plus, they just feel more modern and cool—but with nice, warm water pressure!

If you’re still looking for ideas, especially those from a professional plumber, consider a home inspection to see where you could improve how your pipes perform. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing sends out polite plumbers who happily give you suggestions for your unique situation. And who doesn’t love a polite plumber?

Enjoy lowering those boring bills, so you can concentrate on the fun stuff—friends, family, and a few of your favorite things.