Wash Your Hands of Pricey Cleaning Products For Good

Oct 27, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

Clean freaks, we know you’re out there. Most of you already have a nice handle on your weekly washing routine, but it never hurts to talk sprays, powders, and wipes. Now that we’re speaking your love language, let’s review a few products that are easy and economical for getting your home shipshape. 

It’s in the Kitchen

Those who are complete cleaning wizards are constantly inventing clever ways to tidy up. From spritzing a little lemon juice to upcycling old socks for dusting, anyone can be thrifty and squeaky clean. A lot of the time, we already have everything we need (this is also a metaphor for life, but we digress). Open your cabinets and take a look!

Baking soda is a simple, effective cleaner for a number of dirty dilemmas. When other solutions seem to fail, this gentle deodorizer and common recipe ingredient can also make stains vanish into thin air. Plus, it’s affordable and probably already in your cupboard. Ever left an aluminum cookie sheet in your sink too long, rusting the stainless steel? We’re sure you’re very organized and have never done such a thing. BUT, just in case, there’s baking soda! While other cleaners don’t do the trick, baking soda is on it. Sprinkle a little on the offending spot, add just a touch of water to make a paste, polish with an old toothbrush, and…voila! Your sink will be miraculously restored!

Try baking soda on other surfaces like gross grout and shady shower corners. A little bit goes a long way and you’ll be considered a genius by friends and family from this day forward. It’s true!

Vinegar is another household product that’s super-duper with cleaning the tough stuff. Take your clear glass shower door, for instance. If you can’t see through it, then that’s not so good. Most fancy cleaners can’t cut through the muck and grime caused by built-up soap scum. But a vinegar and water solution can. Get yourself a clean spray bottle, mix a 50/50 vinegar and water blend, spray that door, and scrub! A soft towel is best—scratches on the glass are also not pretty! Want to avoid having to scrub it all the livelong day? Wipe your door down with a terrycloth towel after each shower, and you’ll be saving yourself many headaches (and possible tantrums).

And one more tip: never mix your cleaning products, especially if you’re quite the novice. Sometimes a bad combo can get gaseous or explosive or simply not be periodic-table-friendly. We’re not scientists, but we do know a trip to the ER is not fun (or cheap!).

Okay, our bad. Another tip: label your spray bottles with what’s inside. This will save you a ton of time and worry. Not everything needs to be sprayed with vinegar. For example, your freshly coiffed hair!

It’s Only Natural

For a more formal cleaning experience, there are many brands that offer natural products. Seventh Generation has an array of necessities for your abode, ranging from disinfectant wipes to dishwasher pods. As a socially responsible company, they work to use ingredients that are better for people and the environment. Another big plus? They don’t test any of their products on animals. That alone gets an A+ from us!

Puracy is another company that prides itself on producing plant-based products that are safe to use around everyone, including children and pets. Made in the USA, they are designed to be especially caring to our planet, gently breaking down in nature and choosing zero animal-based ingredients. Why not try this purely awesome brand based in Austin, Texas?

Got a mess to clean fast? Remember, you can find all of these items on Amazon, especially if you’re looking for quick, reliable delivery. So grab some gloves, a sturdy brush, and crank up your favorite cleaning playlist. Now your home will sparkle, just like you.