Valentine's Day: Celebrate Love While Celebrating Your Budget

Feb 06, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

Valentine’s Day can be a pretty big deal! Many people struggle with thinking of Valentine's Day date ideas or how to make the day special without spending a large amount of money. However, breaking the budget or the bank is never a great idea for just one day. There are some awesome budget-friendly ideas and ways to save on traditional Valentine's Day activities and gifts. If you have the creative talent or desire, DIY gifts are a pretty great idea as well. Everyone has their own idea of what romance is so it’s important to do what works for you!

Date with man and woman

Dinner Dates

Dinner with your date or sweetheart is a traditional Valentine’s night out idea. If you want to do something extra special, surprise your significant other with cooking lessons so that you can cook together or save on food and cook him or her an amazing dinner that is out of his world.


Couples activities

If you’re looking for a couple’s activity, try couples PaintNite, where you both can paint one half of a big picture. This is a pretty popular Groupon as well, so act quickly! Another awesome idea is to create a craft, such as painting picture frames or designing couples mugs is a cute and thoughtful activity, with a personal touch.  Michaels and Hobby Lobby have a lot of interesting craft and craft ideas if this is the route that you want to go.  Stargazing and the drive-in are two fresh V-day ideas as well if you’re looking to fill the day with various activities.

Try this if you’re taking the traditional gifting route….

If you’re looking to do a traditional gift of chocolate and flowers, put a sweet spin on it. A cute note saying something like, I’d love to take a bite out of you or the less forward, you make my love bloom on a handmade card is a nice addition. Many places, like 1-800-Flowers, 1-800-Baskets, and all have flower coupons for the holiday, as well as Godiva, and Russell Stover for chocolates.  Or perhaps pop into Barnes and Noble and grab a fill-in booklet of all of the reasons why you like or love your partner. This is sure to be an appreciated gift if they are the sentimental type.

Another traditional gift yet loved gift is jewelry. If you want to save on a proposal or other piece of jewelry, try shopping at Swarovski, Jared, Kay Jewelers. These retailers have an excellent selection of pieces with a varied price range, as well as select discounts. If you’re looking to go that route, simply pair it with a sweet romantic card!

Try this if you’re not……

Another unique gift is the five senses gift. It’s an easy DIY gift, that tells your partner that you love them with “all of your senses”! For each sense, you pick out a gift that has something to do with it. This is a gift you can drag out over the course of the day or all at once but wrapped individually for each sense. Each sense can include something free, tangible, or activity/experience based. For example, a sight gift could include, a blindfold, book or makeup ,  a hearing could include a song or headphones or a trip to a concert, taste could include their favorite snacks, cookies, or  maybe edible massage oils, examples for  scent would be air freshener or a new perfume, and touch could be a shirt, sports memorabilia or a massage. Some of these gifts can fit more than one category of course and it’s highly customizable, which is extremely helpful. 

Budget-friendly DIY 

A Mason jar gift is a wildly popular DIY gift this year. Simply pick a theme based off of your sweetheart’s interests and then fill the Mason jar with items related to the theme. Popular themes are baking, spa, sports, favorite snacks etc. Many of the items are available at local retailers like Walmart and Target, and printables are available to decorate the jar.

Add a little spice

If you’re looking for something a little sexier or visually enticing, both Spencer’s and Fredericks of Hollywood might be the stores for you. Spencer’s has a wide variety of budget-friendly and sensual gifts for all stages of a relationship (or date night!) and Fredrick’s of Hollywood stocks a variety of lingerie, from demure to very very risqué. You could even have an adult game night, starting out with Jenga (you write the directives or notes on the blocks beforehand) and taboo, and progressing to more suggestive games if you desire! These gifts and activities would definitely lead to an enticing night.

The most important thing to do for Valentine’s Day (and every day) listen to the other persons wants, needs, and likes. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to incorporate them and show them that you care in their love language. It doesn’t have to be a day abut spending money but rather about giving some quality time or something heartfelt.