Unique Gifts: Have a DIY and Creative Valentine’s Day

Feb 04, 2019Reading Time: 3 min

Valentine’s Day can be stressful whether or not you have a significant other. The time of year when you have the option to show loved ones just how much they are loved should be met with ease and excitement! While there are plenty of generic options that may have nothing to do with your special someone(s) in particular, there are a few ways to do something awesome and unique.


Great Gift Baskets Gift baskets are great because you can fill them with anything that you feel would resonate with your recipient. For a Valentine’s Day themed basket, it is great to theme it around various items that they love. You can also pick a hobby that they are interested in and center the basket on that. Additionally, since you are creating the gift, you can do it any size you want! This way you are able to save your budget while also showing off just how much you know and love your loved one.

Personalized For a Special Person Another special way to show you care is to create or buy a personalized gift. There are quite a few places that offer many different types of gifts with monogramming or with personalized names. Blankets, toys, home goods, office supplies, and even travel luggage can be personalized! For even more of a personal touch, you can design your own goods and have them personalized! For recipients who are looking to buy jewelry or give pictures, adding initials or titles to a bracelet or frame are always heartwarming ideas. You can even use nicknames and words that have special meaning to make it even more special. This is a great gift for those who are very sentimental, as well.

Creative Carding (& More) Some people are lovers of words and enjoy receiving heartwarming cards! Designing a card can be an excellent way to show time and effort for the one you love. If you feel like designing is not even an option, specialty card stores, are sure to have an array of beautiful cards with specific sentiments in them, which range from eloquent to very funny. Even if you have a store-bought card, you can splurge for one that plays music, has impeccable illustrations, or even a nice bookmark. Inside you can even still include a handwritten note expressing your love from the heart! If you’re looking for something additional, most specialty card stores, have more than just specialty cards and can include candy, clothes, and all types of trinkets as well.

Out –of – box For loved ones who like to own very unique and eye-catching items, you can look around for decorative items, kitchen wares, clothing, ---basically anything. However, you have to make sure that it’s more likely that no one has it instead of everyone you know already owning the item or something relatively similar. This may be easier when shopping from an online store rather than a neighborhood or department store.

Creating a special Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about the money, but rather about how well you can show your loved one that YOU LOVE THEM! Any gesture no matter how big or small is sure to be appreciated especially when it shows just how much you’ve thought about them.