The Unique Father's Day Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Unique Father's Day Gift That Keeps On Giving

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersJun 11, 20182 min read

What created the infamous “dad bod?” Was it the stress of having kids running around? Was it the never-ending line of PB and J’s and Mac and cheese because that is all the kids would eat? Was it being too tired for the gym after days of work and playing with the kids? Or was it those beers to relax and enjoy the time off on the weekends during family BBQ’s?

Whatever the origin, the “dad bod” should be worn with pride. It is now a rite of passage for dad’s around the world and is a feature that is earned through hard work, stressful times and kids galore. This Father’s Day you can give your dad the unique gift of dad bod maintenance and relaxation with one of his favorite past-times, drinking, and ice-cold beer.

beer in a glass

That beer belly dad-bod doesn’t make itself and now with this gift from Craft Beer Club you can give a unique gift that keeps on giving. The monthly subscription service includes 12 beers a month in 4 unique styles, 3 beers each. This is a great way to give dad a taste of his favorite carbonated beverage from a range of craft breweries in the US.

Dad has done a lot over the years to earn his dad-bod so Father’s Day is a time to show him how much we appreciate it. For the soccer games he cheered on, to the school day assemblies he attended and the parental talks and speeches he gave, give him the gift of a nice cold beer every single month. With options for 1-12 shipments for Craft Beer Club, you can choose monthly, every-other-month or quarterly shipments to give a gift that continues through the year.

beer cask

Craft Beer Club offers a taste of exceptional brews from new microbreweries across the US that have different flavor profiles dad can try! With a variety of styles and flavors, dad can find a new favorite and try distinct new brews every month! Getting dad a monthly subscription to Craft Beer Club not only shows how much you care but shows your support in maintaining his dad-bod status. This unique gift keeps on giving month after month, beer belly after beer belly!

Get dad a gift that gives year-round and get $25 off a 12-month membership or $10 off a 6-month membership using a Craft Beer Club coupon code from and celebrate the dad bod this Father’s Day!