Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamMay 27, 20154 min read

Finally, it’s almost that time of year again. No, not summer. I’m talking about Father’s Day. While I am not personally a father, I have been a less than perfect son on enough occasions to appreciate what a difficult and significantly thankless position it can be. With that in mind, make sure that you don’t waste this opportunity to show your dad (or grandpa, always a classy move) how much you appreciate all of their love and support.

There are two schools of thoughts when coming up with a unique gift to get your dad on Father’s Day. You can go with the old classic of something practical for the old man, or find a present that is more playful. Here are some unique Father’s Day gift ideas from kids, that will work for whichever way you choose to go. What will make your present stand out is that extra personal touch, so make sure you are keeping dad’s interests in mind as you embark on your search.

Useful And Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

As I mentioned before in the gifts for grads article, I am a huge advocate for practical presents. This is especially true in the case of Father’s Day, as no one appreciates going the no nonsense route like pops. In my opinion, the key to the perfect Father’s Day gift is just the right combination of useful and unique. And my suggestion: update your dad’s style this year. Everyone’s dad’s look could use an update, and you might be surprised at what a big difference a few small updates can make.

The Tie Bar is, without a doubt, the place to start your search for Father’s Day glory. The first thing that comes to mind as the cliché Father’s Day gift is a tie, but that does not mean that you should rule it out as an option. After all, what could be more appropriate for the man who taught you how to tie a tie? However it does make it even more essential to find something really unique, and that really shows that you were thinking about dad when you picked it out. This Blue Flamingo Dancer Skinny Tie is subtle enough to wear to the office, but sure to draw some laughs and attention.

The Tie Bar

When you are coming up with accessories, ties are just the beginning. Tie bars have seen a resurgence in popularity recently, and may be just the accent dad’s wardrobe is missing. If you went with a particularly unique tie (like the flamingos), you can pair it with this an item that is a little more understated like this Brushed Straight Silver Tie Bar. In addition to being a GQ featured item, it is… wait for it… one of the featured pieces of the “Neil Patrick Harris’ ‘Legendary’ Father’s Day Picks” on The Tie Bar, so 40% of the proceeds go to supporting The Harlem School of the Arts.

brushed silver straight tie clip from The Tie Bar

If your dad is one who likes being the center of attention, however, then perhaps he might appreciate a tie clip that is a little louder, such as this Gold Mustache Tie Clip! I should be noted that I recommend ordering a second one for yourself, as there is no way you are going to way to give it away. And as always, it saves to shop early. Check out coupons for Tie Bar we have before you shop to help you save some money this Father's Day! 

Playful Father's Day Gift Ideas

While there are a lot of benefits to getting your dad something useful, there is another school of thought. Your dad works hard all year, so why not focus on leisure for Father’s Day. Again, the thing to remember here is that it should reflect your dad’s hobbies or interests.

tactical apron from ThinkGeek

One of the best places to find really one of a kind gifts is ThinkGeek, especially if you do not have a really clear idea of what exactly you want to get the head of the family. Especially living in California, my dad would appreciate this Tactical Swat Chef Apron, perfect for steaks by the pool. Of course, the uniform wouldn’t be complete without this Tactical BBQ Fork, featuring a flashlight and laser! There is an endless array of unique gifts and gadgets that are sure to make your dad the envy of the neighborhood. Be sure to use one of our ThinkGeek coupons to help outfit Dad on his special holiday!

Father’s Day is the one day of the year that we set aside to thank the head of the household for his hard work and support. Remember, this is the man who gave you life, so this year, aim a little bit higher than just a card with someone else’s words in it.