The Trick to Having a Fun Stay-cation in Your City

Jun 12, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Save Money with a Staycation

Need a vacation but can’t afford the hotel and plane tickets? Why not stay home and explore your own city and surroundings. There is always more to learn about where you live. You’ll not only save a lot of money but also be able to sleep in your own bed by skipping hotels. You’ll have more time to relax by skipping flights! And you’ll avoid crowds by skipping super popular tourist destinations. Get new insight and great deals by using to plan out your staycation.


Go to the Movies

Want to go see a movie? Use Way to simply click on movies and provide your location. You will be able to purchase discount tickets to theatres around you. Why pay full price in person, when you can get a discount by doing some quick planning ahead? Nothing beats the summer heat of chilling in a cool and dark movie theatre while watching your favorite stars.

Get a Parking Spot Secured

Does parking stress you out? Always worried you won’t find a spot or be late because you don’t know where to park? Put in the location of where you want to go, and Way will show you parking options and exclusive discounts from their vendors. Never worry about parking again! Plan ahead or secure parking in the moment, it won’t be an issue. Book a spot by paying directly through the app. It’s easy, secure, and you choose the payment method.


Dining Essentials

Want to try a new restaurant and can’t decide where to eat? has options for pick-up and delivery all around you. Check out menus, times, and locations all in the same spot. One of the best parts of a staycation is exploring restaurants new to you or taking the time to savor an old favorite. Way gives you options to find, purchase, and eat whatever your heart desires. You can also use the site to find a place to dine at in-person. Nothing says staycation like eating as much as you want!

Need New Customers?

Have a business of your own? With a profile, your business can start serving exclusive customers right away! Take advantage of this new and growing site to reach a whole new customer base. Contact one of their representatives to get your theatre, restaurant, or parking lot added to their database. They give the best deals to get you the best customers!


The Way to Fun is Growing

Check back at in the future as they are going to add events and activities soon. While their current focus is parking, dining, and movies, they will soon have lots of other vendors for you to peruse. No matter what you do, make sure you have a great time on your staycation! Way says: “Enjoy experiences that put a smile on your face and money back in your pocket.” Let show you the way!

Way is here to answer the question of “What’s Around You?” All you do is let know your location and they will suggest deals for parking, movies, and dining. Use it on your laptop to plan from home, or for a more on-the-go experience, download the app to your smartphone. Simply sign up for an account with your name and email, Google, or Facebook profile and use to create a fun staycation in your own city.