Tres Chic, City Chic

May 31, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

I’m very familiar with City Chic because of my days covering plus-size fashion, and I can tell you exactly what has appealed to me over the years: they are fashion-forward, excited about trends paired with the right fit, and they have exceptional customer service. They grew fast -- from six stores to more than 100 worldwide -- because they “get” plus-size fashion. For women who were 14+ before stores got into the swing of making clothes for every body, City Chic was a savior. As City Chic says: “Sometimes you just need to create what you want to be a part of.”

I also think that they happen to have fantastic deals, ones that can’t be beaten at a lot of other retailers. And now’s the time to get things, on the cusp of the hottest weather of the year… because stores are already starting to put the pressure on moving pre-season merchandise (YES!).

Here’s what I’m obsessed with at City Chic: 

  • Their Newsletter: Unlike many of the ones I’ve seen, this one is both inspiring and fun. I highly recommend signing up, especially because the distribution is reasonable, and the tips are indispensable.
  • Hot Activewear: Why, oh why, do so many plus-size retailers think that your best look should be baggy? There are so many sweats and plain t-shirts around, and I find them all so attractive and demotivational. I will not go to the gym looking like that… which is why City Chic gets it right with high-waisted workout pants, sports bras, and trendy patterns. Take a look at the attitude. Amazing!
  • Hot Jeans: OK, again, talk about taking something that used to depress me, and then cranking it up about 15 notches. City Chic has a pair of “Wet Look” corset jeans that slim you down, boost your booty, and flatter down to the ankle. I’m quite annoyed that they start at size 14, but I suppose I will get over it in time! The patched white jeans are equally as fantastic.


  • Dresses for Any Occasion: Not too crazy-clubby, not overly formal, and sartorially inspirational -- that’s how I would describe City Chic’s dresses. They run the gamut in terms of color and silhouette, so I think you’re far more likely to find something that works for you. Sizing is generous as well.
  • Jackets: I know, it’s summer -- get away with those long sleeves. However, anyone who works in an office knows that jackets are a must, and shaped blazers are a year-round buy. If you are looking for something with a little more oomph, and in a color that fits the office, I say… swing by City Chic. I liked the Cropped Blazer in white.


And on to the deals… has some good stuff to keep you saving:

  • 25% off your first order