Top Adult Halloween Costumes to Rock This Year

Oct 23, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

The spookiest season is upon us, bringing with it Halloween parties, horror fests, and blood-curdling screams. The best part? Picking the perfect costume. Flaunt your haunt at the next spook-tacular event of the season - without killing your credit. The most popular costumes of the year have especially fierce competition, so you can find a variety of affordable options as a result.

Clash of the Comics

Whether you're more of a hero or a villain, Marvel and DC characters are always in vogue. This year though, Wonder Women is stepping up to steal the throne from last year's reigning queen, Harley Quinn. While there are sure to be plenty of Amazonians out this year, that doesn't mean Harley's time is over, so don't be afraid to reuse a cute costume from last year.

Sci-Fi Reigns Supreme

Halloween and horror go hand in hand, but sci-fi will always be a close second. Star Wars is still thriving with another film just around the corner, so expect the streets to be swarming with Rey, Kylo Ren, X-Wing pilots, and of course all the other classics.

Dragons and Lions and Wolves, oh my!

Unless you've been living in a fantasy world, you know that Game of Thrones has just wrapped up its penultimate season. The two top characters you'll see right now are the Mother of Dragons (Daenerys) and the King of the North (Jon Snow), with the Lion Queen (Cersei) following as a close third.

The Clock Strikes Eleven

 It's almost time for season two of Stranger Things, the show that stole our hearts and took the world of pop-culture by storm. These outfits can work as a two-in-one deal, since you'll also get to wear it to that screening party your friends are throwing.

Nineties Nostalgia

The Hocus Pocus craze will never die, and it's finally getting the attention it deserves. Spirit Halloween just came out with brand new Sanderson sisters costumes, so keep an eye out for these popular witches.

Princess Pride

No Halloween costume list would be complete without the obligatory princess mentions, and this year is no exception. Disney princess costumes are easy enough to come by, and after the live-action Beauty and the Beast film came out, there's a stunning variety of Belle costumes. Thanks to the recent craze, pricing is more reasonable than you might expect for a ball gown.

Heroes of Horror

There's always plenty of room for classic horror icons, and they're always an instant hit. Stephen King's  "IT" brought back the popular Pennywise, but Freddy Kruger and Jason are great options too. If you're looking for something a little less mainstream, try The Babadook. It's spooky, dapper, and easy enough to make yourself.

Be Budget Fiend-ly

The above options are a safe bet when it comes to saving money since many are classics will remain popular for quite some time. This means you're in the clear to reuse an outfit next year. Don't forget to check for coupons, we've got them for every Halloween store mentioned here!

If you still don't want to buy a costume, stores like JoAnn's will always have sewing patterns for those popular outfits. Better yet, Youtube is a lifesaver when it comes to DIY videos. Want a low-cost but kick-ass Wonder Woman costume? There are DIY guides out there to help you craft a masterpiece using duct tape (no, really). And they look fantastic.

If you want to save on both time and money, but don't want to sacrifice comfort, never fear - casual cosplay is on the rise. Just put together an outfit inspired by your favorite character using the clothes you have. And don't be afraid to scour a thrift store for the right wardrobe pieces! You'd be surprised what the right colors and accessories can do to pull a look together.