Cruising the 'Last Frontier': Top 3 Cruise Lines Pardoning the Checkbook

Sep 05, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Alaska is a thriving destination with many great seaports which have nonetheless made it a travel-worthy region for cruise liners. It is a destination enriched with extraordinary wildlife, outdoor activities (for all ages) and ice, yes don’t miss your chance to experience the touch of the few remaining glaciers. However, there remains a misconception that cruise itineraries are absurdly expensive, but thanks to cruise lines like Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Disney Cruises, sailing to Alaska has become a more accessible and economical form of vacationing for many sea-setters.

dingy off cruise ship

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises Alaskan cruise line is one filled with an abundance of adventure and one which has gained recognition by Recommend Magazine and Travel Weekly as being the “#1 cruise line in Alaska” for eleven consecutive years! Princess Cruises' is leading in specializing cultural packed itineraries onboard and offboard. Their most notable onboard experience is the award-winning Gold Magellan: North to Alaska program which showcases the best of Alaska’s rich culture onboard. Although the cruise liner has found great success in bringing their passengers an authentic Alaskan experience, it has also benefited customers by offering premium rates along with widely available discount measures. So if you are looking for the best cultural experience at sea start booking with Princess Cruises.

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Norwegian Cruise Line

Understanding Alaska’s boundlessness is what Norwegian Cruise Line is all about. When boarding one these vessels be prepared to experience freedom the way Alaska always intended it to be like, completely freestyle. As innovating as ever, Norwegian Cruise Line is paving the path for a new style of cruising the seas by executing 'freestyle cruising.' Passenger no longer needs to adhere to strict seating requirements and they can now enjoy tasty meals at their convenience. Also, the best part of sailing with Norwegian Cruise line Alaska is the chance to receive their five free offers which consist of:

  • Unlimited open bar
  • Shore excursions
  • Specialty Dining
  • Wifi!
  • The chance to have friends and family board for free.

What's better than getting five free things when in Alaska?

disney cruise ship

Disney Cruises

The happiest place on Earth just learned how to swim to the ‘Last Frontier.’ Yes, you can now experience a bit of Disney World or Disneyland along with the magical wonders of Alaska onboard the Disney Wonder. Unfortunately Cinderella’s castle could not fit on board, so instead, Disney decided to behold great Broadway musicals, fireworks at sea, kid clubs and exclusive adult hotspots to their passengers. What makes this cruise even better is the chance to save a reasonable premium on your next Alaska Disney cruise.

Alaska is indeed a wonder to behold and the time to explore boundless Alaska is now. With many cruise liners now opening cruises to the ‘Last Frontier’ and adopting freestyles of cruising a new generation of sea-setter can set sail for an authentic and economical experience.