The Top 10 Best Student Discounts for College Students

Aug 15, 2018Reading Time: 6 min

As college students prepare to head back to school, expenses will begin to add up. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to save money through discounts that are exclusively available to students. Many of these discounts only require your school email address or ID card to be able to reap the benefits! Below are the top student discounts of 2018, enjoy!


1. Scholarships

We know - it seems that everyone is constantly harping on students regarding scholarships. But the secret is, a lot of them require little-to-no effort and can pay out huge sums of cash! There are quite a few different scholarship hosting websites that we recommend (including, Fast Web, and However, if you don't feel like committing yourself to a bunch of research, you can apply to the $5,000 Cost-Conscious Scholarship. Simply click here to learn more!


2. Computers

It's time to face the facts - students need their own personal computers when attending University. So, if you're in the market for a new computer, be sure to check out the student discounts available at Acer. By simply entering your school email address, you will find deep discounts on laptops, desktops, gaming PCs, monitors, smart devices, accessories, and more. With these discounts, your student will be well-equipped for class without paying full price for all of your electronic needs.

Amazon Prime

3. Amazon Prime

With unique deals and discounts, we recommend that all readers have an Amazon Prime account, but especially if they are current students. With a .edu email address, you can set up an Amazon Prime account. Not only can you enjoy free two-day shipping, but you can also take advantage of free video streaming, unlimited photo storage, and more. Unfortunately, the student Amazon Prime account only lasts for six months. However, after that, you can renew your membership for half the price.


4. Sam's Club Membership

Students only pay $45 for the collegiate annual membership at Sam's Club, which usually costs $100! With this membership, they can get a free $15 eGift card that can be used at This is a great way to stock up on toilet paper, laundry detergent, food, and other bulk items that college students will need. Not to mention that members can get lots of other benefits too, such as cash rewards, free shipping, discounted fuel, early shopping hours, and more!

Movie Tickets

5. Movie Tickets

Before you purchase movie tickets, make sure to flash your student ID. Many places, including AMC, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark, offer big discounts for students. However, you should keep in mind that there are sometimes restrictions on dates and available showtimes. If you're dedicated to getting the best deal possible, be sure to call ahead to find out details about discounts.


6. Clothing

Whether you want to look great for your first day of class or your first big interview, you can find great discounts at some of your favorite stores. In fact, the list of stores below offer 10-20% off discounts for all customers who are carrying a student ID. While these discounts differ by location, be sure to call ahead to find out the exact percentage off that you will receive:

Computer Software

7. Computer Software

Along with great deals on computers, you can also enjoy great deals on all of the software and tools that you need to succeed in college. Whether you’re looking for Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud, there are discounts for customers who use their student email address to complete their purchase. A few other popular companies that offer student discounts for software include Norton, Prezi, and Github. If you need software from a different company, it would be worth your while to contact customer service to ask about student discounts before making your purchase.


8. Food

Keeping your stomach full will help you keep your mind focused. And this is made easier with some great student discounts that are available through restaurants, grocery stores, and online providers. For example Subway, Burger King, and Firehouse Subs have been known to offer 10% off for customers with a valid student ID. Chick-fil-a and Chipotle also offer free drinks and Qdoba has a $5 burrito meal deal for students. If you're looking for smaller snacks, you should definitely check out Gourmet Gift Baskets! This company can give you a little taste of home and provides only the best baked goods, pastries, snacks, and more at huge discounts!


9. Museum Admission

Whether you’re checking out the sites in your college town or traveling across the country, you can enjoy museums and other entertainment destinations at a great discount. Some of the museums that offer student discounts include The Museum of Modern Art, The Denver Art Museum, and The Lincoln Center. Before visiting local museums in your area, be sure to check out to see if you can get an additional discount.


10. Music

Do you like to stream music while you study? If so, consider taking advantage of the student discount through popular music streaming apps and websites. With your student email address, you can get 50% off a premium membership through Spotify. Then, you can create study playlists and enjoy your favorite music during all your late-night study sessions.

You can find additional student discounts for things like insurance, travel, and more. Whenever you go to make a purchase, it doesn’t hurt to ask customer service if they offer student discounts. You may find that you can save a lot of money throughout the school year as you enjoy the various discounts available for students.