To Bundle or Not to Bundle? When Bundling Online Services is Worth it

Apr 24, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

As a small business owner, the more you can get for the best price is key, especially when it comes to your online services and products to keep your business running smoothly. A la carte options for web hosting and servers ensure you get just the thing you need, but sometimes the single thing has a higher margin so bundling your needs into a package is ideal.

What is a bundle? It is an inclusive package that has a number of products and services that you purchase all at once, and most of the time come at a lower price than if you were to get each item separately. Think of it this way, when buying water bottles one bottle might cost $1.50, and if you were to buy 12 separately packaged bottles that are $18. But If you were to buy the 12-water bottle package in one go the cost is $15, making each bottle 25 cents cheaper in the bundle.

Same goes for some web hosting and server packages. Ordering a la carte from a provider can add up which is why most offer packages you can sign up for that are at better rates per month. Liquid Web even offers custom solutions, so you can build your package and shop add-ons that you need for your business.

In the market for dedicated server options? Choose from multiple options and packages in your region. With servers in the central US, West US or the EU in the Netherlands there are server options to suit you. Each one includes what you need from backup drives to high outbound bandwidth and a dedicated IP address. Then after you found the service that works for you choose your add-ons. From Load Balancers and Firewall protection for secure servers that protect from malicious traffic, you can choose from the add-ons you need that suit your business. You need the services anyway, bundle or add on to save money and keep your hosting solutions in one place that you know and trust.

When it comes to web hosting and server options bundling might be right for you. If you aren’t sure, check out the reasons why it might be a good idea to bundle:

  • You are just starting out and need multiple services for your business
    • Don’t use 5 different companies to do what one company can for less.
  • Ease of one bill and one company to contact in case of issues
    • It simplifies your monthly expense and allows you to keep track of your business products
  • Save money on your hosting and server products by getting a package deal
  • Flexibility in your services and want to pick and choose what is included
    • Liquid Web’s Custom Solution knows it isn’t “one size fits all” so you can get the services you need and none of the ones you don’t, so you don’t overspend

When taking the step forward for your business needs look into package deals and do the math. A la carte options are great if you are only in the market for one service, but how often does a complex business need only one thing? Find companies that offer flexible packages or “build your own” options like Liquid Web so can get a dedicated server, firewall protection, premium business email and whatever else you need to grow, protect and run your business effectively.