Tips and Tricks for Buying the Belated Gift

Tips and Tricks for Buying the Belated Gift

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerJun 07, 20173 min read

Am I that bad if I tell you I'm a master at the belated gift? That means I've had practice (not an admirable thing), but it also means that I can pass my tips on to you. Basically, you get all of the advantages, none of the shame, and you're probably still at the stage where you can get a pass when you do it. Cut the stress and use my tips for the right way to shop for a belated gift.

  • Every belated gift must come with a card. Do you have a secret stash of gifts or even a gift closet? Good, you're halfway there. Remember that, with the belated present, the extra gestures are what help smooth over your lateness. Go big, go bold... get a great card. And when you're writing in it, be sure that you don't make excuses... just move smoothly to the best wishes and the happy thoughts.  Look for it here: Target has some of the best cards. Shop online to store up a treasure-trove, and you won’t be caught without one at the last minute.
  • This is the time to buy clothes. You can hide the belated gift more easily if you disguise it as a seasonal present (the upcoming season). You don't need to lie about the late gift, but acknowledging something in the future (from the 4th of July to ski season) is a way to get the recipient thinking about the future, instead of the past. Look for it here: Bloomingdale’s never disappoints. Find something special, and get it for less.
  • This is not the time to be cute. Don't get something that normally would seem like a great idea amongst a lot of other gifts. This is a stand-alone... it's got to really count, without a hint of irony or giggles. Serious, thoughtful gifts only need apply. Look for it here: Rebecca Minkoff is a perfect example. The site is brimming with pieces that feel like one-offs, and that’s important when you’re a bit late in the gift-giving world.
  • Multiple gifts help, but don't go overboard. You don't want your gifts to look like you are trying too hard, which emphasizes your mistake. Look for presents that can be personalized, or that come from quality brands, and then buy one large and one small. Two or three is a good number for anyone's birthday. Look for it here: If you’re dead-set on add-ons, go for Butter London. Their nail polish packs are sumptuous.
  • Remember your parents! None of these suggestions apply to your parents, who we just hope you would remember without an issue. If not -- we will direct you straight to the watches. Belated gift-giving happens to the best of us, but this should certainly be a one-off. Look for it here: Michael Kors is a good place to go for great watches that snap up the compliments.

Happy Shopping!