Timeless Treasures You Should Buy Your S.O.

Timeless Treasures You Should Buy Your S.O.

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerDec 12, 20172 min read

The holidays can be stressful, gift-wise... and it’s not easy to get over the panic once it has set in. What do you get your in-laws, your immediate family, and your co-workers? Better yet, what do you get your significant other? We have a suggestion – cut to the chase with a watch. It’s a timeless gift that shows you care deeply, and it’s an always-appreciated gift.

And why Ashford, and not just any old watch shop? Well, we believe that Ashford gives you some of the best bang-for-your-buck (and that you are spoiled for choice). When you’re facing a holiday panic, doesn’t that sound like the perfect solution?

Here’s what we suggest you shop for:

Luxe-Banded Pieces

Croc-embossed bands, snakeskin, and more are all part of the package at Ashford – at serious markdowns. While watches can be statement pieces based on size or material, designer watches always surprise you with something extra. And in a quality presentation box? You’re golden.

Oversized Faces

If your significant other dresses conservatively for work, this is a nice way to add some interest to standard workwear. Embrace black-and-white watch faces with Roman numerals, plain no-number faces, and mother-of-pearl watches, too. If you go for something large, be sure the watch is otherwise classic in nature.

Fun, Colorful Surprises

If you already know someone with an expansive watch collection, then you should branch out with lots and lots of color. Think lime green, jewel tones, and unexpected, patterned bands. When your significant other’s collection is impressively large, it’s a good way to make sure you give something that’s appreciated.

Slim Pieces

The fashion for giant watches persisted for years – why not buck the trend with a smaller piece? The point is, you must evaluate your significant other’s collection and make sure you can find something that fills a gap.

Mega-Discount, Super-Designer Items

One of our favorite things about Ashford is the deep discounts on high-end pieces from major designers. For someone who’s particularly brand-conscious, this is the best solution.

Jeweled Pieces

Nothing lifts the spirits like a little bling! Ashford excels in this area, combining bold colors, gems, and plenty of elegant elements like charms, specially engraved accents, and metallic details that really catch the eye.

Tempted to find a special gift for your significant other? Take a look at some of the deals on Ashford at Promocodes.com.

Don’t forget that gift-wrapping your present carefully goes a long way! Instead of using a plain gift box, spend the time to hunt down a presentation box in leather or high-quality paper. Wrap it up, and don’t forget the card.

Happy Shopping.