Throw a NYE Party For Less

Dec 27, 2017Reading Time: 2 min

As another year draws to a close, people everywhere are asking their friends and family, “what are you doing for New Year’s?” With all this hype and hustle around the perfect New Year’s Eve party, it’s easy to get caught up in the trendy (and expensive!) world of Pinterest party ideas. But don’t worry--there are plenty of ways to host the perfect party to usher in the new year without breaking the bank.

Potluck It

If you’re hosting the party of the year, people are going to ask if they can help at all, or if they can bring anything. Take them up on it! Ask people to bring a yummy sweet treat or an appetizer, and save big on alcohol by asking them to bring their favorite cocktail to share. This way, you save costs on food and drink, and everyone gets to share something they love with the people they love. A win-win!

Entertainment Tonight?

Organizing and throwing a party that’s wrapping up a whole year can be a little daunting, but there are ways to liven up your living room that doesn’t cost a fortune. There are tons of fun games online that have a fun NYE twist, like New Year’s Charades and Two Resolutions and a Lie. Plus, there are free printouts like this one that makes for the perfect way to pass the time while you wait for the ball to drop.

Say Cheese!

Speaking of entertainment, everyone loves photo booths, and you don’t have to break the bank by renting a fancy one. Set up a white sheet on your wall and print some free decorations like these--or make your own!--and voila, you’ve got yourself a DIY photo booth. Set up a space for your guests to make some silly memories on the cheap. 

DIY Everything

DIY can become an expensive project, but only if you’re not paying attention. Some of the most fun and festive items, like these confetti dipped balloons and these glittery party hats, will add the sparkle you’re looking for, and you can get everything you need to make them at your local dollar store.

If you shop smart and make good use of all the free fun things the internet has to offer, you can throw an amazing, glimmering party without breaking the bank, ushering in the new year in style.