Throw a Fail-Safe Halloween Party on a Budget That Won't Scare You!

Oct 20, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Whether you want to take Halloween back to a time before you pounded the sidewalks with your little goblins and experience an adult party, or prefer to plan something extraordinary for the kids - consider hosting an intricate scavenger hunt, horror film fest, or Murder Mystery / Clue party!

The best part? These ideas can also be tailored for kids, tweens or teens. Enlist your friends to be a part of the night as behind the scenes “actors”, or as an invitee participating in the game. And by all means, depending on the tone you choose, include a formal theme dinner or potluck to kick off the festivities.

Scavenger Hunt

There are countless scavenger hunt clues you can print from the web. Better yet, customize your own lists that will work well within your home, yard, and neighborhood. Visit for a wide selection of papers to print them on, and stickers, glitter pens, or even feathers to add extra flair.

A particularly nice (and affordable) touch is asking guests to snap photos of found items with their cell phone. No bags necessary!

Throw your own Horror film festival

Choose campy, B-movies or blockbuster flicks and create your own creepy movie theatre experience in your living room (or garage, or yard). Nothing beats popcorn, a scary movie, and the comfort of friends when you are watching something truly terrifying. Design your own tickets and decorate with themes from your chosen movies (or do it freestyle). 

Murder Mystery or Clue party

You might think this option lends itself better for teens or adults, but you can also personalize the proceedings for little ones by swapping out a “murder” with a “who stole the candy bowl” type mystery.

There are still boxed games you can purchase, or get creative based on your guest list and Google online to find inspiration as well as games others have devised.

Budgeting your Bash

Whatever party plan you decide on, if you’re hosting a sizable number of guests, you’ll want to be mindful of your budget. All those creepy touches can be pricey, and with Halloween, presentation is everything! Here’s where the real ingenuity comes in.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a business owner to enjoy wholesale prices.

To find deeper discounts, let your fingers do the typing and narrow your internet search to include the very important word: wholesale Halloween party supplies. Obtaining wholesale prices simply means that you buy in quantities. If you buy a full box of plates, napkins, cups, etc., you can get anywhere from 50-70% off retail.

Wholesale shops typically stock in large numbers and variety.You’ll find everything from eating utensils to props, fog machines, gothic candles, t-shirts, and yard decor. You can also get inexpensive Halloween toys to use as party favors. Spike your trick or treat candy bowl with spiders, eyeballs, erasers. Kids love them, and they don’t cause cavities!

Yes, you might have extras, but you can save them for next year, or donate to friends, or a school/church function. You will still spend less than buying in odd numbers or individual pieces. Some sites also offer discounts on single quantity items if your order reaches a certain dollar amount.

Other vendors, such as, even offer discounts on pre-owned and rental costumes. With some tenacity, Halloween enthusiasts will find shopping for that momentous Halloween party doesn’t have to be so scary. Boo!