The Top Wedding Dress Looks for Fall, and How to Snag Them For Less

Sep 05, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Fall wedding season is ramping up, and with it, the emergence of gorgeous new wedding dress styles. With the average cost of a wedding hovering around the $30,000 mark, many brides are aiming for a more budget savvy approach to dress shopping. Luckily, there are plenty of awe inspiring options for snagging and saving on your dream dress.  Get ready to save while still enjoying this season's most popular looks, from deep v-necks and sleek a-line gowns, to the romantic off-the-shoulder and oversized, whimsical bows, to must-have adorable toppers.

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride? Think Again

As anyone who has shopped for a wedding can attest, attaching the word “bride” to any item can easily lead to sticker shock. A great option is to head for the bridesmaid dress section and save a bundle. Go for alternative hues in pinks or reds, or any other that strike your fancy, and you'll find yourself with an array of elegant options. Remember, you can always dress up a simple gown with statement jewelry, styled hair, or a glam pair of shoes. Your wallet will thank you.

Something Borrowed

If you loved the dress your bestie got married in, or maybe your mother's or another relative, this can be a fantastic option for saving on your wedding dress. Even if you need alterations, you'll still be getting a great deal. Even better, you'll have some built in sentimental value.

Hit Up the Major Retailers

Many of the larger retailers, such as J Crew and Macy's, offer a great variety of wedding dresses at considerably lower prices than bridal boutiques. They also offer affordable options for bridesmaid dresses as well, which is an added bonus

Fall in Love with the Store Sample

The discontinued dress may be your ticket to huge savings on your wedding dress. Seek out the sample dresses offered in store and the savings will be real. Shops need to get rid of these sample dresses if they are discontinued, since they won't be looking to order more. Since you are basically doing them a favor getting these dresses out the door, they'll be eager to offer a nice discount.

Think Pink

Don't limit yourself to just white, off white, or cream. This season, it's all about rose quartz. This gorgeous color practically lends itself to romance, making it a lovely alternative to the traditional white. And the savings just might make you blush!


Because many brides seldom wear their dresses after the big day, the popularity of bridal consignment has been increasing. These shops tend to have high standards for which dresses they will sell, so you can rest assured that the dresses will be top quality and on trend. And the savings can really add up.

Ready to Wear

Custom alterations can be pricey, so when possible, go for a ready-to-wear design. Many of these dresses will start with lower price tags as well.

May love reign, and the savings rain upon you this fall wedding season!