The Target Trick Every New Mom Should Know

The Target Trick Every New Mom Should Know

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersJan 19, 20182 min read

If you or someone you know is about to become a parent listen up! There is a Target baby registry hack every new mom should know.

Everyone knows starting a family is an exciting and beautiful time. Bringing the miracle of life into this world is something to be celebrated. It is also very expensive. Ask anyone with children and they will tell you the products and supplies you need to take care of a baby are numerous and will add up to a pretty penny. Registering for your baby is a great way to get what you need from family and friends that love and support you, Target makes it that much better.

Target provides new families with a free baby registry for soon-to-be moms. You can go in-store or online to create your very own gift registry for free to begin your journey as a parent. By signing up you get create a running list of the things you need before the due date and keep track of items bought. It is a great way to prepare for the little one to come.


The benefits of Target’s baby registry don’t stop there. Go to your local Target store and go to their guest services and show them your baby bump and verify your gift registry to receive a free welcome kit. This kit includes over $50 worth of products you will love. From product samples and full-size items to manufacturer coupons on your soon-to-be favorite brands like Aveeno, Honest, Nuk and more! Every kit is different, but you are guaranteed handpicked samples and items you are sure to try and buy.


After your registration is done and the shower is complete you will receive a 15% discount on everything left on your registry. That means those key items you didn’t receive at your shower that you still need are available to you at a discount to make it easier for you and your budding family!

Get some gifts you don’t like or want? You can exchange gifts up to a year after your due date. And for a limited time, Target is offering a free $20 gift card if someone buys a select crib or car seat from your registry! Us Promo Code BABY20 when creating your registry for your chance to receive that special bonus!