The Savings is in the Bag!

The Savings is in the Bag!

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJun 25, 20192 min read

The expression “the savings is in the bag” takes on a whole new meaning with the assortment of luxury bags available through the website. You can save time, money and aggravation when you purchase any of these gorgeous and smarty designed travel bags.


Save time by purchasing a TSA approved bag. offers a complete travel system designed to hold every possibility. These bags have already been confirmed to be the right size for overhead storage. They are made of lightweight material so overhead lifting is not a problem for most travelers. has coupons available on offering incredible discounts ranging from $15 off a $75 purchase, $35 off a purchase of $150 to $80 off a $300 purchase. Using a smart product like this ensures you glide through check-in and it eliminates aggravation at baggage claim. You won’t need to check the bag because it is designed to allow for maximum storage space. You can walk through the airport with ease thanks to your lightweight bag with easy to maneuver spinner wheels.

Save money by purchasing bags created by Briggs & Riley. Not only do they offer a 40% off promo code on these amazing bags, but they are Guaranteed for Life! Hopefully, you will wear out from all your wonderful travels before your well-made bag, but if the bag goes first--not to worry you can replace it!

Save yourself some aggravation! You can tell when a travel bag is made by a fellow traveler. A lot of the aggravation you experience when traveling has been anticipated. One of the most aggravating travel mishaps is your phone running out of power. Worse you have to struggle for the coveted outlet to plug in but not with these bags. They have a built-in charger for just such emergencies. You can peacefully sit anywhere and charge while you wait for the next leg of your journey. has thought of everything with their intelligent design and practical features. You can get more out of each trip by using the generous discount offered through

The only things your bag can’t help you with are the delayed flights and the kid kicking the back of your seat!

You can save time, money and aggravation while doing it in a sleek and sophisticated way. If your taste is more high-end you can shop the luxury line by and use the promo code offering 15% off any item.

Now, the cat is out of the bag, savvy travelers can save big money on!