The Savings of Streaming

The Savings of Streaming

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamMar 06, 20193 min read

The #10yearchallenge isn’t relevant anymore, despite what facebook conspiracy theorists are telling you. It’s a dead meme, so let it pass over you like water over rock as quickly as it came into your life. Just forget about it.

Also - did you know that Netflix, everybody’s most controversial streaming service, is over 10 years old? Crazy, right? People have been streaming The Office reruns for over a decade (but not for much longer, probably). Here’s to the world’s best boss.

In late 2018, 95% of the TV provider’s market lost almost a million nationwide subscribers. It’s a loss that has been signaling a downward trend for cable providers worldwide that are struggling in North American markets. While these providers are now bundling internet services into their price plans to attract new subscribers, streaming services are taking off in competition for ultimate viewership and market stake. They’re creating a product of instant gratification out of the incredibly high demand for it.


The Demand

People are now able to pay for exactly what they want to watch on their TV. They don’t have to put up with diluted programming anymore.

This micro-demand, where individual viewers are now able to pick and choose whatever they want to watch, whether it be a cooking subscription or an ESPN subscription, has come to dominate the market. Amazon Prime had a movie in the 2017 Oscar’s. Let that sink in. This is no joke. The idea of a pick-your-TV has seeped its way into the American and we’re seeing the results. Netflix just can’t seem to stop making movies.

The Supply

Promocodes offers some great deals on streaming services. Here are a few that’ll help you watch everything that your heart desires:

Film lovers! If you’re itching to see some of the greatest indie flicks and blockbusters out there, is only $4.99 a month. It’s one of the cheapest services out there, and you’ll be able to see some of the greatest movies of all time. How could you pass up on that?

Rick and Morty? Broad City? Handmaid’s Tale? Hulu’s your answer. It can be downloaded to almost any device you can dream of, and it’ll only cost you $11.99 a month. Oh, and they have ad free options.

For horror fans out there, you’ve probably seen the ads for, an exclusively horror-based platform for watching the spookiest stuff out there. Courtesy of, enjoy a discount of 30% off. That’s actually the opposite of scary. That’s magical.

Don’t settle for a cable plan that gives you more than you can chew. We’re at a place where you’re able to pick your entertainment. So, do it. Streaming services have a lot to offer at a fraction of the price. Even a quick search through will show you how much there is to offer and what type of coupons there are. Stay tuned here for regular updates on some of the best streaming discounts around the internet.