The One Thing You Should Stock Up On to Save Money

The One Thing You Should Stock Up On to Save Money

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersFeb 13, 20182 min read

With tax refunds on the way, it is easy to think of all the fun things you could buy. From that designer handbag, you have had your eye on to finally upgrading to the iPhone x, there are a lot of things on your wish list that you would like to put that tax refund towards. We have a better idea.

Stock up on the necessities you need in the upcoming year. It is easy to view your tax refund as “extra money” in the back to go forth and splurge but take a second to think about the years' expenses to come. We say, put your health and your must-haves first.

Did you know, someone with astigmatism spends an average of $500-700 a year on contacts for their site needs? Or someone that uses colored lenses will pay 70-80% more on contacts? Life’s everyday necessities add up, so put your money where your needs are and stock up on your contact lens prescriptions. Discount Contact lenses has the brands you use at better prices, so you can feel good about your tax refund purchases. And when you use code PC10CONTACTS you can get an extra 10% off, so spend away and save.

Better eyesight is expensive enough as it is, from cute prescriptions glasses you will actually wear to comfortable but pricey lenses used daily, you spend a lot of money on your sight. See clearly passed the tax refund #treatyourself haze and use it towards that expense that creeps up every month.

You use and need them daily so why not stock up on those comfortable and name-brand contact lenses you trust. Splurge on necessities this tax season and don’t get sucked into the vicious cycle of tax refund shopping sprees. See clearly in 2018 and fulfill your New Year’s Resolution to stop running out of your daily contact lenses!