The New Way to Deal with Parking at the Airport

The New Way to Deal with Parking at the Airport

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersJan 15, 20182 min read

Making that cross-country business trip or taking that much-needed vacation shouldn’t stress you out more than it already does. From booking the tickets to planning your itinerary there is enough to worry about, the last thing you need is an airport parking bill worthy of a swoon.

Having the freedom and ease of driving yourself to the airport takes a ton of pressure off. There is no waiting for the taxi to come around and no worry that the Uber will cancel last minute without notification. You can leisurely pack up the car, hit the road and get to your flight on time on your own dime. But what happens when the airport parking rates went up? Or there are no spots left near your terminal?

There is a new way to deal with the unexpected issues of traditional airport parking and that is No longer drive up to a lot hoping to find a good spot or be hit with a massive parking bill at the end of your trip. You can now reserve your spot with ease and now exactly what you are paying, which is more than we can say for the rest of your vacation.

You have heard of reservations at a hotel and reserve a window seat on the plane, but have you heard of reserving your parking spot? It is “plane” and simple, go to and search the airport you are flying out of to find the best deals on parking and reserve your spot. Book your parking when you book everything else, so you have your trip planned down to the last detail.

When it comes to travel there are a lot of moving parts, not to mention high costs, so why not plan ahead and control the controllable and park your car the right “Way.”