The Most Expensive Part of a New Parent's Baby Arsenal: Diapers

Mar 30, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

The Cost of Diapers is Astounding

You have been waiting nine months for your precious new bundle of joy to arrive. Everything is in its place, from the new crib and rocking chair to all the onesies you could need. Some things you have purchased secondhand, others you have bought brand new. As a new parent, you are seeing exactly how expensive the beginning really is with all of the necessities you need to keep your new baby safe, happy, and healthy. All you need to do now is decide what type of diapering system you want to use on your babies little tush.

Disposable diapers are quick and easy to use, and with brand names that are tried and true like Pampers and Huggies, these seem like a simple choice. But wait! The cost of disposable diapers is going to set you back over a 30 month period, approximately $1800! Each diaper costs about 26 cents, and you will be going through a minimum of 8 diapers per day. Diapers alone per week are going to set you back about $15.00, $60 per month, $720 per year. OUCH! So how do you save yourself some serious cash while dealing with diaper duty? Here are a few fantastic suggestions that will keep extra money in your pocket.

Disposable Diaper Services and Coupons

If disposable diapers fit your needs and the thought of cloth diapering seems rather disgusting, there are ways to ease the financial burden. One of the first things to consider is to purchase disposable diapers in bulk. Just make sure you do not buy too many of one size when your babies grow because you do not want to be left with dozens of diapers that no longer fit. You will get a better deal on larger boxes of diapers than just buying the smallest amounts every time you need them. Next look for diaper services that give you an even greater discount on bulk diaper purchases. Target has a diaper service that sends you diapers at a great discount. You can often receive free shipping on orders as well to add additional savings. has a similar diaper service as well.



Cloth Diapering Will Save You the Most Money

The thought of cloth diapering is a little difficult for so many of us to imagine. It is the poop factor! However, coming from someone who has experience with both types of diapers, cloth diapering is not as bad as it seems. With cloth diapers, there are a few different choices. There are pre-folds, fitted and All in One (AIO) cloth diapers. Each one has benefits, so try out a few of each to see what works best for your baby. You will need about 24 pre-folds and 4-6 covers, or 24 fitted and 4-6 covers. Having a few extra wool or PUL covers for additional wicking is always smart. With either choice, you will be looking at an initial investment of approximately $450. When you take into account the cost to launder your cloth diaper stash every two to three days, your total cost will be around $775 for around 30 months. The great thing about selecting cloth diapers, besides the environmental benefits, is that you can re-sell cloth diapers for about 50% of the initial cost.


Check out the different options for cloth diapers, disposable diapers, and diaper services to give you the best savings and discounts you need to make your baby budget go even further! You can take diaper saving one step further and try potty training as soon as 12 months. That in itself will save you enough money to treat yourself to a great gift for all of those dirty diapers that you no longer have to worry about, change or smell!