The Essential Guide to Late Summer Vacation Destinations

Aug 31, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Whether you’re longing in anticipation for fall or preparing yourself with sadness for the change in season, there’s no denying the fact that summer 2017 is nearly over. Before you kiss goodbye to indulgent day trips and unexpected adventures, there’s still time for one last memory-making vacation.

The best thing about taking a trip at this point? The places that vastly exceeded your budget in June are potentially now well within your reach. Airlines like to start their fall sales at around this time, and there are several destinations that offer sun, fun and fantastic savings on flights and discounts on hotels.

Miami Beach

Did you know that during peak season South Florida is one of the most expensive mini-breaks and vacation destinations in North America? If you head to the much-hyped South Beach now, you could save up to 50% on flights. Hotels will still cost you a pretty penny but play it smart and book mid-week to avoid hiked up prices. Don’t forget you have multiple airport options to choose from – a flight to West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale could cost you a lot less than a flight that lands in the more commonly known main Miami airport.

Cape Neddick

Before the fall weather picks up a brisk breeze, head to beautiful Cape Neddick in Maine, which is an easy escape from the bustle of Boston. The beach is popular with residents and the iconic ‘Nubble’ lighthouse will give the trip a quaint and nostalgic edge. Make sure you grab a famous lobster roll in Portsmouth and feel safe in the knowledge that you’ll save more money by avoiding the tourist trap of Cape Cod.


There is never really a ‘down’ season in stunning Hawaii, and the islands tend to attract international crowds consistently throughout the year. This time of year is the sweet spot for savings deals though so say Aloha to popular resorts such as Maui and Kauai. Book now to avoid the incoming price hikes post-Christmas.

Bay St Louis

If the hustle, bustle, and humidity of New Orleans don't call your name, why not hit the gorgeous, quiet beaches of small but fun city, Bay St Louis? The historic old town is full of beautiful architecture, and the buzzing art scene is definitely something to behold. Take a trip to the Mockingbird Café for the best coffee in town, and with New Orleans only an hour away, you’re guaranteed the best of both worlds.


With the ski season still a few months away, now is an inspired time to visit stunning Boulder in Colorado. A university town surrounded by mountainous views, Boulder is as packed with upmarket restaurants as it is natural beauty. Make sure you take a hike to the top of the Flatirons to experience a magical view that’s quite like no other.