The Cleaning Hacks you Need for Surviving Holiday Hosting

Nov 17, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Bust out the mistletoe and the eggnog – the holidays are upon us! There's nothing like festive gatherings of family and friends to fill everyone with the holiday spirit. If you love hosting at this time of year but dread the cleanup, we've got you covered with all the tips and tricks you need to host a great party while still keeping your sanity (and having some fun while you're at it).

Make your Prep Work Count

Be one step ahead before your guest arrive. Line your kitchen trash can with extra trash bags – this way, once you are ready to take out the first round of trash, you'll be set to go without having to think about it. If you plan on stowing guests' coats and personal items in a bedroom, lay a sheet over your duvet to keep things tidy. Do a pre-party walk through of your entertaining space, and remove any remaining clutter. Place items in a collapsible  bin that you can stash and remove later to put back in the appropriate place. To hold yourself accountable, label your bin with a deadline date you are giving yourself for unpacking the bin (and stick to it).

Set your Table a Day Early

Consider this your new BFF for party prep. Grab a handy bar cart for easy transport of all your dishes into your dining room, and stash it there for easy, quick removal of dirty dishes after the meal. While you have everything out of the drawers and stored on this handy cart, take the opportunity to clean out the empty drawers of stray crumbs that may have collected. You'll be one step ahead with this easy hack

Those Pine Needles Won't Stand a Chance

A beautiful tree makes for the perfect backdrop to a holiday party, but those pine needles can really wreak havoc on your floors. This year, combat those pesky needles by placing a tree bag beneath your tree for easy cleanup. Cover discreetly with a decorative tree skirt and no one will be the wiser. Be sure to also water your tree daily with about a gallon of water. This will keep your tree healthy and less prone to shedding its needles all over your house. Then, restore any worse for wear ornaments with a little clear or shimmery nail polish. Your tree will be shining and healthy before you know it!

Take your Tree Down, Maintain your Sanity

Yes, you've put the tree bag beneath your tree and you've been vigilant about seeing its watered properly. However, those needles are still going to pop up here and there. This year, ditch the vacuum cleaner or your traditional broom and invest in a rubber broom. Pine needles aren't apt to stick inside those bristles, making for a stress-free cleanup. This is also a great year round investment for pet owners, since rubber brooms also work great for shedding pets.

Follow these easy cleaning hacks and you'll find yourself enjoying your gatherings, rather than stressing over them. Now that's something to shout “Ho ho ho!” about!