Taking Care of Clothes At A Fraction Of The Cost

Taking Care of Clothes At A Fraction Of The Cost

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamDec 17, 20183 min read

The right clothing can make anyone feel like a million dollars, on top of the world, and really boost their confidence. However, while many people spend a lot of money and time picking out outfits or even a lot of time deciding what clothes they are going to buy, it’s rare to see that same attention given to the care of clothes.

People will often wash their clothes on cycles and in temperatures that are convenient or not entirely recommended for a particular clothing piece. Often, clothes get sorted improperly or overstuffed into a washing machine, where no one can be sure if they are even getting clean. So how can we be sure to make the clothes we love so much last through more than just a few washes? How can we save ourselves from having to spend more on new clothes?


Don’t Throw Clothes Around While carelessly throwing clothes in a drawer or in a closet can save time and effort, in the present it really does not save your time or money in the future. Folding or hanging clothes helps to prevent snags, tears, and even unnecessary creases and wrinkles. This is beneficial because then you may not even have to do much ironing which can also help preserve a clothing item’s integrity.

Pay Attention To The Care Instructions Manufacturers have included care directions to help clothes retain their optimum properties. When clothes are washed with similar colors and on the proper settings then that can help to preserve colors and fabrics. Grouping all clothes together risks colors bleeding onto each other and clothing discoloration. If they are washed on an incorrect temperature, clothes can shrink, and bleed, and are no longer as vibrant. Improper drying can result in shrunken, scorched, or misshapen clothes, especially if they are materials like wool or dry clean only .

Use The Right Detergent Additionally, choosing the right laundry detergent makes all the difference. Laundry detergents all have different scents and properties. However, they are all pretty similar in their ingredient make-up. One great detergent Frey, has great properties that makes it a top choice. Frey cares for clothes by offering a formulation that is unlike other detergents available today. With environmentally safe surfactants and enzymes, clothes are able to get cleaned carefully, which isn’t a focus when using regular detergents. Regular detergents can contain phosphates, surfactants that are harmful, and other chemicals. They also may have plain water as a filler ingredient, thereby reducing the concentration and lessening their cleaning power! Frey, is concentrated and is able to thoroughly clean clothes without a huge amount of volume. With repeated washing, it is important to have a detergent that is able to protect the integrity of clothes while also cleaning them. Buying the right detergent can greatly reduce the amount of money that is spent on buying new clothes throughout the year and can help favorite items to last longer.

It is not hard to preserve clothes and keep them like new if simple directions are followed. Clothes help to define how the world sees us, and even help us define how we see ourselves. Therefore, with these simple steps, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to keep clothes looking good – and good looking clothes can make all the difference!