Sunglasses That Fit Your Face and Budget

Mar 30, 2018Reading Time: 2 min

Wanting new sunglasses doesn't mean you have to break the bank. With hundreds of options in all shapes and sizes, it's never been easier to find ones that flatter your face and fit your budget.



This retro style is perfect for those who have round or oval faces. The sleek shape of the frame and the throwback vibes are the perfect combination for an effortless and modern look. Whether you opt for mirrored lenses or a more subtle style, the cat-eye frames will add an on-trend touch to any look.



This classic shape is perfect for those with more angular face shapes. The roundness of the frame is endlessly flattering and this shape is very trendy at the moment, ensuring you'll look stylish and put together. Opt for a slim metal frame for a style that will all but fade away for a subtle look, or go for a bold acetate frame that will truly stand out.



70s style is back in action. This iconic shape works well for any face shape—the curved style with a top bar is slimming for rounder shapes, while the large curved lenses work well for stronger faces as well. A mirrored style truly embodies the vintage vibe, while a larger, more modern frame is a great option as well.



Square frames, like a traditional wayfarer, are a must-have in your accessory arsenal. Perfect for rounder faces, this angular style comes in a variety of colors and sizes, making sure there's an option for every style, taste and budget.