You're Wearing That? Men's and Women's Guide to Summer Wedding Dress Code on a Budget

Aug 19, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

With wedding season upon us, there can be quite a bit of weddings to attend. This can mean money spent on travel, parties, and of course outfits. It is great if you are already prepared with summer wedding outfits, but not everyone has the perfect get-up that adheres to the many wedding dress codes we will see this season. For those unprepared, you may have to find the perfect wedding dress that fits your style and your budget.

pink tunic dress

2 For 1 Approach

If possible, try to find two dresses. One brightly colored and one in a more muted or pastel shade. With these two options, you can never go wrong and Pure Collection is a great place to find wedding wear inspo. Finding a comfortable, classy dress that fits your body and your budget is key. Then just grab two different colors or patterns. You can find a floral or brightly colored dress for the more Summer-leaning wedding that is very in season, or a classic black or muted grey if you are planning to attend formal, black tie weddings. Once you have your base, the dress, decided, accessorizing is a breeze. From shoes to shawls you can find accessories and accouterment that fit the venue and the season. These are best decided by the location of the wedding, and time of day as well. Now that you have a basic idea, here is how you can dress up or down for each wedding dress code and vibe.

black sparkly dress

Glamourous and Ritzy

For this wedding, depending on the wedding colors or theme, the neutral dress would be a great pick. Dressing up this outfit with the right accessories is key! While feathers, rings, and large and bright accessories are in, you can accessorize with anything that makes you feel comfortable. For shoes, Perspex is a new trend that can look very fashionable and can really make your wedding outfit a statement piece. Off the shoulder and chic jumpsuits are in as well and depending on styling can fit in very well at a glam wedding, if you aren’t a fan of dresses.

print dress

Cultural and Tropical Treatment

This wedding may be the place for the brightly colored dress. Since this dress may already be statement-making in color, it is best to keep accessories neutral, in the same color family, or as complementing colors on the color wheel. A simple high heel pump, wedge, or stiletto sandal can add glam to this already eye-catching ensemble. A wrap can help if cool temperatures do visit. If the wedding is on the beach, a lighter, more natural fabric may be more in style. Floral trends may look gorgeous at this type of wedding and are very popular this summer season.

black sweater

Outdoor or Backyard Basics

For this wedding, it is more than likely casual, and either dress could be fine depending on the venue and your accessories. Carry a light jacket or sweater to protect yourself from bugs, to dress down the outfit, and cover up when it gets cooler. Pretty flats or open flat sandals are appropriate for this type of wedding as well. Or, get trendy and pair the girly dress with fun heeled boots to lean into the wedding theme.

blue sweater

Males Have it Made

You often are expected to come in a tuxedo or suit. However, there are alternative options. A button up in a lighter material works well, such as in linen or cotton, as far as shirts are concerned. For pants pick two – find a more breathable material in a lighter color and one in a darker color. You can mix and match the two pants with the neutral top to ensure that you have variety without sacrificing style. Gentlemen, you have it made. It is easy to find simple pieces to mix and match as you see fit for the wedding dress code and you can always pair it with fun patterned ties and colored shirts for that extra flair. Dressing for a wedding should factor in the locating, time of day, traveling ease and temperature. Adhering to the information will make you feel comfortable, less stressed, and prepared to enjoy yourself at all of your weddings, without upstaging the bride or groom.