Subscription Services That Are Worth Getting

Subscription Services That Are Worth Getting

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersApr 25, 20185 min read

Subscriptions make it easier to get what you want, delivered right to you on the regular. From streaming subscriptions to boxes filled to the brim with goodies and even the fixings to make an epic dinner date-night in there are a ton of subscription options out there to choose from and sign up for.

How do you know which subscriptions are worth it?

We broke it down by category to give you great subscription options worth getting. If you are into cooking, beauty, wine or memorabilia you can sign up for a subscription that is right for you.         


For entertainment


With the ultimate selection of plans, Hulu’s streaming and tv options are a great subscription purchase. With plans starting at $7.99 a month you can get your favorite shows and even the Emmy Award-winning Handmaid’s Tale right to your device.

Still can’t let go of traditional TV? They have plans with live tv included for just $39.99. Instead of paying upwards of $50 a month just on cable, get more for less with Hulu.

The reason this might be a great option for you when choosing a streaming and entertainment subscription is the add-ons. You don’t have to sacrifice your love of the networks like HBO or Showtime, just add it to your plan to enjoy it all.


For Food


Meal Kit delivery services are all the rage and getting perfectly measured out ingredients to make epic dinner fantasies come true is easier than ever. Plated is a great option to get fresh ingredients and delicious meals that you can make at home.

First, pick your plan. Whether you want omnivore options, eat vegetarian or are a seafood lover you can pick your favorite items and search the 20 new recipes a week. You can get 2 servings per night for 2 nights a week starting at $11.95 a person. That is cheaper than going out and you have the added fun of making it yourself!

Subscription plans go up to family size for 4 servings a night for only $9.95 a serving! For less than $10 each, you can feed the family with Plated 2, 3, or 4 nights a week with ease. That is why we think Plated is a great option because they have flexible plans that suit your needs and lifestyle. Farm-sourced ingredients that make delicious meals right at home. What is not to love?


For Drinks

Gold Medal Wine Club and Craft Beer Club

Who doesn’t love to get specialty alcohol delivered right to their door? With Gold Medal Wine Club and Craft Beer Club, you can feed your fancy whether you are a fan of a cold brew or nice Pinot.

With Gold Medal Wine Club you can save up to 40% on the price of wine. With 6 different plans to choose from get your favorite glass of red every month, every other month or quarterly. With the Gold Membership starting at just $39 for 2 bottles a month and the International Membership of 3 bottles for $75 a month you can get a taste of private estate wines from all over, shipped right to you.

Have particular tastes? They have a membership for Pinot Noir lovers for $74 so you can get the wine you love every time.

Craft Beer Club offers memberships from just $42 a month, with that membership get craft beers from all over the country. !2 beers, 4 styles and from each craft brewery per month you can sign up and broaden your beer horizons. Sign up for a monthly subscription or get it every other month or quarterly as a special treat and get your brew on.


For the obsessed

ZBox by Zavvi -mystery box for geeks is the perfect subscription box for the pop culture obsessed. With 4-7 products per box themed with memorabilia from films, tv and gaming, you can feed your obsession with this unique pick. Only $19.99 a month when you sign up you can get memorabilia for your favorite shows and movies and get fun keepsakes and items like the latest Star Wars Funko or a specialty Avengers mug.

The ZBox thinks out of the box as far as subscriptions go but is a great pick for those obsessed with the latest in film, TV and gaming.


Beauty box


Who doesn’t love to get pampered with products? BirchBox is the answer to all your prayers. For only $10 a month you can get 5 beauty samples curated specifically for you based on your beauty profile to try out the top products in beauty.

From hair care to skin and makeup BirchBox selects top brands like Kiehl’s, Milk and Benefit to give you a variety of items and brands to try. Sign up month to month, for 3 months or even a 6-month subscription for $60 (Use code FREEMONTH for $50) and get the goods right to your door every month.

If you are obsessed with beauty products and love to pamper yourself every now and then the BirchBox is the perfect curated beauty box for you.


For Kids


Kids deserve a little something too so Highlights is a great option no matter what their age. With magazine subscriptions by age for 0-2, 2-6 and 6-12 you can sign them up for monthly fun and learn with a Highlights Magazine.

Sign up for a year and get 12 issues and get 40% Off A Year-Long Subscription of ANY Highlights Magazine! That is a full year for $39.96 so you can keep your kid entertained, engaged and happy with their very own subscription.