Steals, Deals, And More

May 18, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

We’ve run through a few department stores that have been switching up their offerings, trying new techniques, and attracting new customers… and J.C. Penney’s another one.

I recently stopped at J.C. Penney because I had an amazing coupon code burning a hole in my pocket, and I was surprised. On Friday evening, the store was mobbed, the sales were everywhere, and I saw a wide variety of shoppers scooping up bargains. I noticed it when I was waiting in line: a grandmother, two professional women, a girl carrying a ton of sportswear (me!), and two teens. What a cross-section, and a testament to how JCP attracts a wide variety of women. I also saw men, although I was in the lingerie section when I did most of my browsing, hence the demographics.

So J.C. Penney is attracting a lot of different women – that’s great. But what’s worth your time? Well, I saw the goods in person, and I took some notes:

Sports gear: I think this is where J.C. Penney stands out the most, actually. The selections were so numerous that they were actually overwhelming. It’s easier to take it in online than in person. I kept running into $5 workout tops (some with coveted shelf bras) and tennis skirts, tied-dyed capris and fun layered workout shorts. The list was endless, and I walked away from the activewear section with more than I imagined.

Plus-size pieces: I ended up making a wrong turn at lingerie and found myself at the very centrally-located plus-size section, which was a blessing in disguise. The dresses are fantastic, and even though I’m not size 14+ anymore, I was pawing through the pieces and praying that I could make something work. These were gorgeous dresses!

Purses: There were a lot of colors and patterns at play at J.C. Penney. According to… basically any women’s magazine out there, pastels and florals are a natural choice for the season, but these were incorporated onto accessories that usually more basic. The contrasting colors made everything look dramatic and eye-catching. I couldn’t stop staring!

Sale shoes: There were a ton of shoe sales, and this is where shopping online is really going to help. There were mountains of markdowns – of all sizes and designs – and I was struck by the price range, as well as the selection. Use a promo code from and save yourself the time it takes to sift through random things. #trustme

What’s cooking in the way of coupon codes? Here’s what I uncovered:

  • Free shipping to store with a $25 purchase
  • Free shipping to your home with $99+ purchase
  • A heavily-stocked clearance rack, no coupon required

What are you getting first? Happy Shopping!