Spark Innovation and Imagination with littleBits Droid Inventor Kit

Sep 26, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Create. Play. Invent. Our kids are the future of the world, so why not let their imaginations run wild?

littleBits believes this to be oh so true, which is why the tech-savvy company, which was founded in 2011 by MIT alumna Ayah Bdeir, strives to empower anyone to create inventions--large and small-- with their super fun, easy-to-use technology kits that are composed of color-coded, magnetic electronic building blocks that make complex technology incredibly simple.

Girls and boys far and wide can create anything from a digital instrument to a wireless robot, perhaps maybe even a custom Droid -- all by using kits, such as this Star Wars Inventor Kit backed exclusively by the Walt Disney Company. littleBits joined forces with the team from Lucasfilm to co-design this newest Fall product, which goes about bringing the iconic character of Droid to full life by allowing kids to power up their own Droid.

Using littleBits electronic blocks, the Droid Inventor Kit comes complete with twenty authentic sounds from the Star Wars film as well as a free Droid Inventor app to send kids’ creations on more than sixteen special Star Wars missions including authentic sounds and movement, self-navigation, and Force Mode.

What’s more is that it even allows kids to customize and reconfigure for new powers with twenty Droid parts, six Bits, three sticker sheets and is also compatible with all other littleBits kits.

Allow that new Droid to deliver items or to guard a room. Perhaps build it to sort socks or to do some light cleaning. Why not make it a new best friend, a giver of big bear hugs and endless Eskimo kisses? Along with taking kids on an invention journey that is never ending, there’s also the fact that user testing has shown that kids go on to form an emotional bond to many of the Droids they create themselves. So. Awesome.

Go on, celebrate imagination, grit, and invention. Start a global inventor movement to empower young people of all sorts to participate in something phenomenally stellar by encouraging them to be creators, not just consumers of technology.

With invention at its ultimate core, the Droid Inventor Kit happily fosters creativity and problem-solving skills all while motivating kids to configure the littleBits technology in new and diverse ways. It really is no wonder why Bdeir’s once little company has already won over a hundred parenting, education, and design awards and why it continues to be used by over 20,000 educators as a hands-on tool for teaching STEM/STEAM.

The next generation of Droid Inventors are wanted and desperately needed. Your kids have been recruited, so allow magic to occur and let them shine shine shine!

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