Sleep Better with Eve's Temptation Sleep Wear

Sleep Better with Eve's Temptation Sleep Wear

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerNov 28, 20173 min read

It's almost time to start making New Year’s Resolutions, can you believe it? While the rest of the world is dreaming up workout routines, nutrition plans, shopping cleanses and the like, you can kick things off with a new resolution: dressing for *you*, even at bedtime.

It's hard not to fall into the trap where we start wearing our joggers, pajama shorts and flannel. The stuff's so darn comfortable, and it's been worn out perfectly. But you know what? In the new year, you deserve an upgrade!

Maybe you're adverse to spending the money and perhaps you're just not sure what to get. That's why we're here to twist your arm and insist you upgrade with Eve’s Temptation.

Your sleep wear matters and here is why you should splurge on yourself this season:

  1. You'll sleep better, not worse. A common misconception is that good-looking pajamas are uncomfortable... not true! Quality really speaks to comfort, and you can find buttery-soft pieces easily enough.
  2. It's NOT all "come hither" stuff. Again, you can find lots of pieces that work well for your sleep schedule, your taste, and your sleepwear requirements. Even a loose pajama top worn with pajama pants can look great when it's buttoned down a bit and worn with a lacey bralette (and you still get all the comfort, too).
  3. The price points are often very fair, and you know that you can trust us on that one, because we're always on the lookout for a sale! Take advantage (we've got some suggestions below).
  4. You can find anything, even the more buttoned-up styles. You don't have to settle, and you don't have to struggle finding a match, either. Talk about best of both worlds.
  5. You'll feel better. There's nothing like looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking “yes!”, even at bedtime.

That's where Eve's Temptation comes in. It's a treasure trove of the comfortable, sexy pieces that we described above, and we couldn't help but pick out a few, like:

Sexy Seamless Tops

Simple and attractive, with a hint of skin showing. These kinds of tops totally double as outerwear, too. Go for it! 

Sweet Camis

This is like your standard camisole, but ten times prettier, and with a few unusual touches (like the cool halter neck). 

Tanks With Flair

Why wear a regular ribbed tank top when you can wear something that combines a touch of pretty mesh? Another option is a touch of bad-girl fishnet.


Pretty Sleep Shorts

These have a hint of vintage flair, and are available in soft, appealing colors.

Lace-Adorned Camis

If you’re buttoned up every day, why not embrace lace? 

And the deals -- here's what we found to whittle the bill:

  • Score 20 to 50% off select sale items
  • Sign up for the newsletter and score an extra 10% off

That’s not to say that you don't already look perfectly nice when you head to bed -- maybe you do. But couldn't we all use a lift? On that note.