How To Shop Designer Products At Discount Prices

May 11, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Beauty products: sometimes a necessity, but more often, things you just have to have. Whether your budget is restricted or you’re simply budget-savvy, you can save on designer beauty products with a few easy tricks.


Do Your Research

We highly recommend doing reconnaissance before making a major investment in designer beauty products. Why buy the best eyeshadow, for example, just because you *read* that it’s good? Instead of putting yourself in an impossible situation (we’ll call it the “land of no returns”), try taking a tour through reviews and product highlights to see if it fits your needs. Just because it is high-end or designer, doesn’t mean it will work with your skin. Research is key to find something you love, and once you do, stock up! If you really like something, spring for the biggest bottle you can afford from and bookmark that Pharmapacks page to come back and repurchase. You can check related products and see customer reviews to see what your next beauty purchase will be.



You may think we’re crazy, but hear us out. We don’t mean share products cause, gross, but share tips on the products you use and where you find them at the best price. A number of boutiques and department stores carry designer brands and top of the line products but few have great prices. Pharmapacks has the brands you know and love and makes purchasing online easy and affordable. Not only can you get great tips on products to try but you can share your beauty hack of purchasing your beauty goodies at great prices.



In the makeup artist world, there are a lot of options that surface that are virtually identical to other brands. One of the easiest designer product swaps is from Maybelline: both the eye and lip products offer opportunities to get the best for less. Try Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner instead of YSL Faux Cils, for example, and save a bundle. You get designer like quality without the price tag, but if you can’t give up that designer label, find them for less and swap where you purchase. Instead of pricey mark-ups at department stores, order online and save time and money when you have it shipped right to your door.  


A Word Of Warning

Some people look for deals or dupes online, but we recommend proceeding with caution if you go this route. People who have bought copies of designer makeup brands have been supremely disappointed and even hospitalized from dangerous ingredients in their makeup. There was a series of reports regarding Kylie Jenner’s lip kits and the counterfeit items that caused serious swelling due to inferior, poisonous ingredients. Shop at places you know and trust that carry the real deal products from Clinique, Kaycee’s, ELF and Clarins.