Shop and Save The Planet

Apr 22, 2016Reading Time: 4 min

Although every day should be Earth Day, the world comes together on one specific date every year to support the actions being made to shape the world around us for the better. When is Earth Day you ask? It’s celebrated today, April 22nd! While planting a tree or participating in a community cleanup are great Earth Day activities, you can also play your part by making eco-friendly purchases. Small changes can make a HUGE difference if everyone does their part. Make the grass a little greener on your side with these Earth Day inspired gifts:

Stylish Recycling

We’re taught about recycling before we really even understand what its impact is on our lives. It’s time to take that awareness to a whole new level and ditch plastic bottles for good! S’well water bottles keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, which is proof that making the switch benefits you as much as it does the planet. Shop the season’s hottest colors and patterns using one of our Athleta coupons and stay hydrated in the most stylish way possible.


Warm Up Responsibly

The nights still get chilly, so why not reach for an 80% recycled Synchilla polyester Patagonia fleece this summer while you’re out enjoying the fresh air. They literally turn someone else’s trash into a prized treasure. What’s someone else’s loss, is your gain right? I can promise you that this fleece will quickly become a favorite of yours and one that will last for many years to come. Who knew saving the environment could look so good?

Non-Toxic Cleaning

Cleaning is suppose to be a good thing but not when the products you are using do more harm to the environment than good. That’s why Grab Green makes non-toxic yet effective products! Like that clingy person in your life, it’s time to say goodbye to the dirt and grime collecting around the house that just won’t take the hint to leave. Not all ingredients are created equal, so whether you are cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry, enhance life’s moments with Grab Green home products.

Sun Powered Energy

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than getting out and enjoying the nature around you. Take a hike orgo camping and unplug from the modern world. Not only is it healthy for you, but it’s environmentally beneficial to cut back on your energy use even for just one weekend. If going sans phone sends you into instant withdrawals, this Solar Power Bank allows you to use the power of the sun to fight fomo while you’re out in the wilderness. Save money and the environment when you shop with our Eddie Bauer coupons.

Sustainable Eating

How often do you think about what you’re actually eating? Do you know where your food comes from and how it’s been treated? This spring, try switching to locally grown food that’s not only better for you, but is also better for the planet in the long run. Think less chemicals and fuel-guzzling transportation to bring “fresh food” to your table. Door to Door Organics delivers local food that’s in season right to your door so you don’t have to worry about the quality. Support your local community without changing your schedule!


Peace, love, and shop on. Happy Earth Day everyone!