Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerApr 27, 20173 min read

Running shoes, ugh! Like many necessities, I love them as much as I despise them. One reason is that they are possibly the most complicated… I want to have the most comfortable, athletically-perfect shoes possible, and if I don’t find the right pair, I could actually injure myself. That means the stakes are high – and then add that I want to make them as cute as possible.

Some people have one pair of go-to shoes for active stuff; others have very few. However, there are a few near-necessities that, no matter what, you should consider adding to your footwear wardrobe:

One of those is the sport-specific shoe. You know that a standard running sneaker isn't always the perfect shoe to wear: take tennis, for instance. Your soles have to be white, and they can't have an abundance of tread, either. I saw exactly why people don't wear running shoes on the court just last night: my tennis partner took a major spill because her shoes were shaped the wrong way. And I thought it was all hype!

Running shoes are the mainstay, but they shouldn't be ignored. Expensive or cheap, extra-fancy or simple, everyone needs a pair for running. And if you walk, but don't run, or cross-train, I would get a pair of those instead. Make sure your shoes fit your activity profile as close as possible.

Swim shoes: I can feel you giving me the side-eye, but hear me out: when you’re on an incredibly rocky beach that’s paired with searing-hot sand, how do you cope? It, quite frankly, can ruin your time. Not now! Look for mesh shoes that you can slip into your beach bag – and slip on if you need.

You should also get fun, casual pairs for sport and play: something that you can toss in a bag that’s not too heavy. Think rubber-sole, canvas kicks with a classic shape or fabric slip-one in a cute color.

Sandals: Why does the locker room have to be so boring? I’ve spotted some non-fancy, but very pretty and practical flip-flops over at Sanuk. My favorites were the wedge flip flops, the metallic sandals, and the ones with stylish, decorative straps.



Fun surf shoes: Have you ever showed up somewhere and realized that your sandals will not fit the bill? I hate looking high-maintenance, but at the same time, I certainly don’t want a pair of utility-driven, neutral-looking flats. Instead, I like the rubber soles and soft support of shoes like these sidewalk surfers from Sanuk, which come in floral prints, stripes, denim, and even ones with espadrille-like straps. I want them all!


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