Secret Santa Gifts For Your Holiday Office Party

Dec 22, 2017Reading Time: 3 min
It’s the season of giving, and the perfect time to show a little appreciation for your work family. Some colleagues are always there for you and deserve those extra special gifts, and you know exactly who to splurge on. Still, you have a budget to keep in mind and Gourmet Gift Baskets is here to help. We’ve made a list of some fabulous gourmet treats and we’ve checked it twice to make sure you get those great deals in time for the holidays. 

For The Deserving Few

Hand-Dipped Artisan Truffles 

These decadent little morsels are a great way to show that chocolate lover in your life that you care. The box contains an assortment of nearly 30 different kinds of artisan truffles, each hand-crafted with care out of silky gourmet chocolate.  

Happy Hour Cheesecake Assortment

Cheesecake is a cherished classic, and this unique sampler takes it to the next level. Even the cheesecake connoisseur in your life is unlikely to have tried flavors such as Amaretto, Strawberry Margarita, Irish Whiskey, and Lemon Drop. Get it for that special someone, or share it with the office! 

Chocolate-Covered Gourmet Oreos 

When you first think “gourmet confections”, Oreos are probably the last thing to come to mind. These Oreos have been luxuriously bathed in chocolate before being decorated with peppermint crumbles and mini nonpareils. This is the perfect gift for your colleague who considers Oreos a main staple of their office diet.

Dried Fruits Platter 

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, but even the most health-conscious among us can appreciate the aesthetics this beautifully woven platter of dried fruits. These colorful gems are a delicious treat for those that tend to abstain from added sugars. 

Share The Love Without Breaking The Bank


Belgian Chocolate Bark 

Maybe you already have gifts for your few favorites, but you want to spread a little holiday cheer to the rest of the office. This festive array of chocolate bark is a memorable treat that’s sure to get you some well-deserved gratitude from your colleagues. With three delicious flavors to offer, there’ll be something for everyone. 

Classic Elegance Gift Tower 

Looks aren’t everything, but presentation is. Impressions made around the holidays will last well into the new year, and this elegant tower of treats is a great way to share the spirit of the season with your colleagues. Gourmet popcorn, premium roasted nuts, and a variety of other goodies make up the contents of this classy office offering. 

Coupons Full Of Cheer

We know that every opportunity to save during the holiday season adds up, so we’ve curated some coupons just for you. 
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